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  1. Howdy. You can call me Jesse (or She-Goddess, whichever) but that's not my name. It's not even my usual internet handle; I selected it for a reason and I get my own satisfaction from using it here. I'm nearer to thirty than not, married, kids, white picket fence and a SUV. I work the night shift most weekends and spend the rest of my time in housewifely pursuits or writing. I'm also rather wry and have this tendency to mock everything in sight (mostly myself) - because, you know, there just isn't enough flippancy and sarcasm in the world. I tell you that I'm a stripper if you promise not to invent notions about what that parlays into my personality, character or recreational habits. They would be wrong anyhow, so I'm just saying. Fun job, though. Huh. Can't think what else someone might care to know about me on first meeting (my favorite cologne is Stetson and I wear it myself; I rarely drink but when I do, I drink only Jagerbombs or sangria; I detest the Hollywood machine, which is only entertaining in the gossip column sense and not in the movie sense... bring back the era of Clue and Goonies and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!) so I'll stop blathering. I'm here because I really don't know where else to be.
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