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  1. So I know it's been a super long time but things have been really rough and I've not had computer access. But I'm back now and hope to be around a lot more. Welcome to all the newbies and hello to all my old friends.
  2. Maddy


    Welcome to After Silence, destiny! AS is really great. Take good care!
  3. IDK - I don't know HB - Hurry back IMO/IMHO - In my opinion/In my humble opinion JMO - Just my opinion BTW - By the way GTG - Got to go I know there's more but I can't think of them atm.
  4. Watching a movie that hubby hates so I'm glad it's on and that I can watch it
  5. Maddy

    New Name :)

    Yay! Glad you got it changed if it makes you happy.
  6. yesterday I told a friend about what's happened...today I'm reporting it...
  7. I'm back. So those who knew me before know I'm not new but it's been 2 years so I feel new. Life has been crazy. The wii is wonderful though, that's how I'm online because we don't have a comp. Lol. Anywho just thought I'd say hello. TTYL!! Melissa
  8. I got cookies!! Everyone is telling me to drop the sweets since I'm pregnant...I say I can have them when I want!(in moderation of course ;) )
  9. I refused to take peoples crap at work today. MAinly because I was in a bad mood, lol, but still!!
  10. See that's weird, mine told me 5pm but I'm in mountian time so 3pmEST is 1pm MST, that's weird...Anyways, I will be at church until like 2 or 3 MST but you all have fun!!
  11. you all never noticed it....? I noticed it a long time ago...unless I'm just seeing things....or maybe I'm just that observent...or maybe because I almost clicked it once! LOL!!! But as far as I know it's been there for a while.....Nicole? lol! What do you say? How long has the Report button been there?
  12. And there's one i've taken to using IYDM=if you don't mind
  13. (((((teazle))))) You are awesome, this is a great idea!! ((((big teddy bear hgus to you)))) Much love, Melissa
  14. It's not a local thing. Not by far. It's a sick trend that's sweeping North America. You see it in movies and TV shows too. And the very sad thing is, and I am ashamed to admit this, but before I totally came to terms with what happened to me as a kid and beofre it happened a few years ago, my friends and I would do that...*prepares herself for rocks thrown at her* I heard a joke and told it to them and then whenever any of us poked the other, we would playfully say ra*e! because the joke was as follows: There was this alien who went into this store and started poking the cashier. He would do this everyday, finally the cashier got so angry that he yelled at the alien, "ifyou don't stop poking me I'm going to pull down your pants and rip your balls off!" Well the next day the alien came back and poked him. The casheir screamed, "That's it!" and pulled down the aliens pants. He looked up at the alien and said, "hey, you don't have any balls, how do you all have s*x?" and the alien just smiles and goes, "Poke." So yeah...but after everything happened I made my friends stop doing it...I just...I couldn't stand hearing the word so often, and in such a wrong way...I'm sorry... BTW, back to the topic...I tried calling a friend of mine the other day when I got scared, she texted me the next moring and said, "Don't you ever call me that many times that late again! If you have an emergency, get someone else to help you. I'm tired of it!"
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