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    Sydney,NSW,Aussieland.. :)
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    Readin,writtin,music,movies,walkin,beach,playin/talkin 2 children(im a nanny..)swimmin,being with friends,chattin.. :)

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  1. Welcome!!! I hope you find heaps of support, love, friendships!!! & Sookie
  2. Welcome!!! I hope you find much healing here!!! & Sookie
  3. Hello, welcome-I hope you find much healing here!!! & Sookie
  4. Yay!!! Welcome "home"!!! I'm sorry your having a hard time & if you need anything know we are here... & Sooks
  5. Ok, i found two but i'm sure there are more out there if you try different word searches. These are them...... http://www.eyecatches.com/survivors/forums/ <------ This one has a teen space. http:///www.angelsinthenight.org/ I hope this helps & i have pmed these to Vera to check out more. & Sooks xox
  6. I totally agree, this is a hard issue & i to am worried for fern & others like her... They to need some where, i'm not saying rules should change but maybe a little safe place for them is made?!? I understand that issues can arise with underage kids using these boards & with that said i am willing to help anyway i can-i will start with some research. & Sooks
  7. Thanku all, its good to be back!!! I will post an where i've been & what i've done post else where... :o) Take Care & Keep Safe!!! Lots of friendship , Sooks xox
  8. HELLO!!! How is everyone?!? I've been on a long journey of self discovery... I have missed you all & this place-its still looking GREAT!!! :D Hugs for all my friends- i'm sorry i just disapeard on you- i need to thou & i hope you understand... I hope to get to know you all again & meet the newbies... Take Care & Keep Safe!!! Sooks xox
  9. Sookie


    Welcome with open arms!!!!! I hope u find much healin here..... & Sooks xoxox
  10. Welcome,i hope u find sum healin here-i 2 an a survivour of child a*use (s*ually,emotionaly,physically,mentally-u name it!!). This IS a wonderful place,i hope u grow 2 love this place as much as i do!! & Sooks xoxox
  11. Hello,welcome!! Hope u find wot u want & need here!! I 2 am a survivour of ch*ld a*use..... I love ur av!! (pic....) & Sooks xoxox
  12. Sookie


    Welcome!! I hope u find wot u want/need here!! & Sookie xoxox
  13. Sookie


    *returns wave* HELLO!! I hope u find wot u need here!! & Sookie xoxox
  14. Sookie


    Welcome!! I hope u fine want u want/need here..!! & Sookie xoxox
  15. Sookie

    New Here

    Welcome,i hope u find wot u need here!!!!! & Sookie xoxox
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