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  1. I'm also on Mac and can use it... I haven't had to install anything especially for chat so as Lacrymosa said it might be good to make sure your system is totally updated.... but I've been on my mac for over a year and able to use chat all along. Has it just recently stopped working? Or always been that way? Hope you get in soon!
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forum
  3. Hey, I don't know how many people here have some for of alcohol/drug addiction... but I was wondering if maybe a forum or sub forum for addiction discussion would be a good idea? Sorry if this has already been asked I noticed that 'addiction' is mentioned in the aftermath forum description but I guess I thought that a place for discussion of just that topic would be better... and plus addiction isn't necessarily due to the aftermath of abuse (and might affect secondary survivors too). Saz x
  4. I really have no valuable input hehe... but... maybe those people genuinely thought they had DID? The whole 'internet diagnosis' issue comes into play here, when people haven't been to a doctor and just recognise the symptoms which may be something else entirely. Then, of course, they may get caught up in some DID discussion and thus reinforce their view that they DO have this DID they have read about. So yeah, as Haullie said people shouldn't really slef diagnose BUT I think a lot of people do it for a lot of differnent things.... It's confusing. But maybe it could be a subforum? We are neve
  5. I should probably start doing things like this... I started severely neglecting myself a while ago. But the other night I shaved my legs, and then put some moisturiser on them later that smelt nice Lol, very simple. But it's a good starting place for me. I do things to 'look after' myself, but only so I don't stand out. Just to fit in, I don't do it to feel 'good' about myself. Hmmm. I'll try the lipgloss thing tonight What do you do about looking nice to go out, when you have red scars on your arm?? I used to wear nice tops but now I can't... because I don't really know what sort of ja
  6. Hiya, Welcome to After Silence Saz x
  7. Welcome to After Silence Saz x
  8. Welcome to AS. I'm sorry that happened to you You did nothing wrong sweetie though, remember that. I think its very natural to freeze up when something like that happens... I did too If you decide to go for counselling I hope it helps. Don't feel bad for pretending to sleep - it is a very very common reaction to being molested You did NOTHING wrong and nothing to deserve that kind of treatment. He is the only one who should be guilty and ashamed Saz xxx
  9. Hiya! Welcome to After Silence I hope being able to talk here will help you *hug* Saz x
  10. I was a bit suprised at this one... I have a close friend who was sadly r*ped about a year ago now. She opens up a tiny but to me occasionally about it, and how it has affected her. Nightmares, triggers etc. In response I have tried to open up a little bit too... I wasn't r*ped, it was assault. I think she gets the gist of what happened to me... and when she was talking about some things like nightmares I was trying to say I understood where she was coming from.. she kept saying: "You couldn't possibly understand" and stuff that just made me sad... because it feels like my pain is seen as "
  11. Hey, I'm Saz Welcome to After Silence Saz x
  12. Hey I think that I find it hard to think of speaking / writing to someone ... and they write back, except I'm still doing the writing and talking. I don't see how I can swap and change between people ... but I suppose that comes with time. Thanks for the advice. It's something I want to develop if I can Saz x
  13. Forgive me ... but I just don't quite understand. Is your inner child a real, separate part of you? Exisiting sort of on its own? Can you really literally SPEAK to them and they speak back? I started a little inner child work in therapy ages ago, but I didn't know what to write in my letter, and I didn't know at all how to 'become' my inner child. Is it just you when you were younger? In which case ... if I have forgotten things ... would I find out everything I wanted to know by getting in touch with my inner child? Thanks a lot, I'm really interested in this. Saz x
  14. Saz


    Thanks everyone I'm glad that I've been accepted back here by both new and "old" members It really means a lot to me ... thank you Saz x
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