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    Writing, reading, spending time with my prince, my puppy - Audrey, dancing, praying...<br /><br />...*HEALING*<br /><br />I write loads. Still trying to sell my first book, so please look at my poetry if you like that sort of thing through healing: www.authorsden.com/brittanyrenee.

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  1. is what I want to say firstly. When I first came here it was nearly straight after my two-year long endurance of continual rape. Though I wasn't married to him (thank God), I can, as a lot of us will, relate to you. It's been almost six months or so since I've joined AfterSilence, and just about the same amount of time that I've been through therapy. I have to say, going to a Rape Crisis Centre helped the most. You will heal in time, and it sucks to hear. Not that I'm totally fine now, but things do get better. Keep hanging in there and doing things in your own timing. But don't forg
  2. Thanks you guys! It's not too hard actually, it's just that what we're working on (my T's and I) is the relationship with my parents and I. It's fine in most aspects, but being twenty, they still treat me very much as if I'm twelve. My opinions and such don't really count for much and it's all written off as that I'm young and they know better than me. Their overprotectiveness has caused me to have such bad self-esteem (which, the Self-Esteem Workbook is helping me in miraculous ways)... and it's very hard to know that Miles is likely to propose the three weeks that I'm here and he and I a
  3. Hey you guys Just wanted to let you know that I'm in South Dakota finally. Today we'll be apartment hunting after he's done getting a bunch of sign-back-in stuff done. It'll be an exciting three weeks here, and despite what anyone tells you: it's beautiful here! I definitely don't want to leave. Though am a bit concerned about having three weeks of no therapy appointments. Any advice on that folks?
  4. Through my years of pain, I've learned that moments are so precious. Time is irreplacable and people glorify and prioritize so earthly. I've learned that it's the most humbling thing in the world, though untangible. I love time, it does many things. But it's as dangerous as it is wonderful. I love this quote: “If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.” - Win Borden
  5. “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” - James Dean
  6. Did you get this exercise from "The Rape Recovery Handbook"? I just did this, and in dialogue, and whew... jeeez. Emotionally draining.
  7. If anything, you'll find nearly a second family here! Welcome aboard, and whilst I'm sorry you've had to go through anything to even look for AfterSilence, we're oh-so-happy to have another person on board. If you get what I mean... In any case, WELCOME!!!
  8. This needs PINNING! BIG TIME KUDOS for this, determind. :goodpost: :goodpost: !!!!!
  9. If any of you guys are on a Mac, I've noticed that I can only get into chat with Safari, and not FireFox - regardless of how many times I updated and downloaded new java.
  10. Wow. That was one remarkable write, my dear. Bravo!
  11. First, welcome to AS and I'm so glad you were told to come here. It really is a beautiful place here on the boards. Everybody is extremely kind, and it's nice. You realize that you're not alone. Perhaps one of my favourite quotes on these survivor sites is "1 in 3 is not alone!" How true is that? Second, you're strong enough to have come as far as you have already in your first post. Don't worry about rushing it. We're all always here and will be here for you when you're ready. Some of us have shared our stories little by little, but just "updating" the same thread when we're re-focus
  12. You know, this is really hard for me to deal with when I have my own problems right now, too. Oh wow, I'm so sorry. Literally twenty-four-freaking-seven this is in my face, and yes. Because I'm dealing with this, this is the only problem I have, so... yes ,I'm sorry. Dealing with life and this is just... hard. I'm sorry you can't just be a listening ear. When will you get over it? When people like you become sensitive.
  13. I hate that one...people can be so stupid. It's not like we WANT to think about it!!!! Sorry you've gotten so many insensitive comments.. I've come to hate that word.. "dwell". Yes, I choose deliberately to think about it every moment of my day. Yes, I choose to try and face it and act normal because you're too weak to THINK about it, but I have to be strong enough to THINK about it and DEAL with it. Who's the weaker one here, a**holes?
  14. I generally use Firefox, and always update my stuff... but I CAN use Safari if I have to, just prefer Firefox for some odd reason. Hmm, maybe I should try again.
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