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  1. lynx


    I love your signature! Jewel fan here!! Welcome to the forum.
  2. Hi welcome to the forum!
  3. Glad that you found this place. And happy to hear you are on the road to recovery.
  4. lynx


    Im so glad you joined me. love you soooo much xxx
  5. Welcome I relate to your post very much especially this part. I too am finally working on some issues that have been long hidden and need dealing with. So that I can have my life back and enjoy my future.
  6. I was also in an abusive relationship but got out before it became violent to the extreme. Actually she ended it and so she did me a favour!! Otherwise had I ended it, she probably would have made me pay in some way, with more emotional abuse via the phone!! The problem is a very deep one and cant change in a few weeks, they need help to change and it could take many years. My advice to you is stay away from him and wait for the right guy to come into your life. Because it really does happen when you least expect it. Lynx
  7. Helloooooo! I like your puddy cat! I'm feeling more relaxed around here now... think it helped to finally get some stuff out of my system. Thanks to you all for the welcomes.
  8. Thank you for all the kind and friendly welcomes I already like it here
  9. Hi. I'm new and I just wanted to introduce myself. Just two days ago the penny dropped and I realised I have been a victim of Emotional Child Abuse? Still unsure where I fit to be honest. I havent spoken about what I went through as a child to anyone before except for my partner. I didnt even think it was child abuse until i looked at some sites and ticked off quite a few on the list in the emotional abuse catagory! Over the past two years I realised what I had been through wasnt right... but its only now that I realise just how wrong it all was. I'm a little nervous about delving into it..
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