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  1. Oh yes i would like my old account back. Thanks for the welcome everyone!
  2. I couldn't remember my original password and my old email account i had is expired (therefore i couldn't get my password off the site), so i made a new name, well... the same name but with a 6 added on. yay! Well i was doing to so well. Stopped being depressed. i was sincerely happy. didn't think about what happened, nor was i having nightmares. i slept well. everything was dandy. except i still indulged in SI type habits. Some things happened with my boyfriend and now i'm back to the beginning. Can't sleep, nightmares, crying, wanting to be alone, needing someone to talk to but not wanting to tell anyone whats wrong cuz i feel so ashamed that i need help again. phoey. Eating disorders and putting myself down. Only good news is that i haven't been indulging in alcohol or cutting, YAY! Why do i have to be back in this hell again... grr... Well... i'm looking forward to meeting all the new people!
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