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    I'm in the third year of my 4 year degree program. I'm chomping at the bit to be FINISHED! I believe in love, choice, freedom & spirituality :)<br /><br />I am a survivor.

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  1. Hi everyone. Wow ...there are a ton of new people on here! How has everyone been doing? I went away unofficially for a while.... And well...I missed the kindness and support that this forum offers. I am sorry I've been away... Hope you've all been taking care of yourselves and each other
  2. UGH! I'm totally with you on the can we "change the subject...let's talk about something nicer." UGH! Do you THINK that I wouldn't like to NOT have to deal with this and to NOT think about it and to NOT have gone through it...GEEZ! You can listen for 5 FREAKING MINUTES! :!: UGH! Oh and I hate when I bring it up with my b/f or mom because I just need some support or to vent and they say - are you sure you wanna talk about this? I just don't want it to upset you! Um...yeah...okay...If I didn't want to talk about it I wouldn't bring it up! And of course it's upsetting but I need to talk about it to get through all the thoughts I have around it...and if it were still upsetting like it used to I wouldn't be talking about it to you! (just that type of person...I prefer strangers who at least get it ya know? they've been there too. ) good thread but just UGH to these people!!
  3. Welcome to After Silence
  4. My Inner child is feeling somewhat alone today... The adult woman in me is feeling fat which is adding the feelings of loneliness even though common sense tells me I have no reason to feel lonely... We're in this together little one....
  5. Welcome!! I hope you find support & freedom here!!
  6. Hi!! Welcome! I hope you find what you're looking for here at AS!! I'm pretty new too and am finally starting to know my way around a little...almost there!! Welcome
  7. Hi! I'm really pretty new too! Just thought I'd say Hi & Welcome! I imagine how hard it would be to be dealing with BPD as well as the assaults you've been through.
  8. Hi!! I'm a 20 year old female, survivor. Recently I have been having a lot of anxiety attacks and flashbacks to the incidents of my sexual abuse. I've been closing myself off from confronting it, and from really discussing it with someone. I JUST WROTE MY STORY AND REALIZED IT SHOULD GO IN 'MY STORY' DUH....SORRY!!:S:S:S So I'll Edit and Move it there!!
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