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  2. Feeling Nervous.

    Hi mainemorri, Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma that you've endured as a child. It was so wrong and unfair for anyone to hurt you. The struggles we face do seem to linger long after, which is also so unfair. I am glad you found AfterSilence tho. We have many understanding and kind member here who do understand your struggles. You are not alone. Take your time to look around and when you are ready feel free to start to interact some more. I wish you the very best on this journey of healing. Mary
  3. Hello I am new

    Hi Tirzah, Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for what happened to you nearly a year ago, it was wrong, as nobody has the right to hurt you so. Be assured tho that you will find tons of support from our understanding and kind members. You are not alone. You are truly correct in saying this is a step...it's a huge one. I was one who spent many years in denial and it only makes things very difficult. You have taken this huge step and I wish you many more on this journey of healing. Mary
  4. Hello I am new

    Hello. I am new and just now opening up and talking about what happened to me. I have a lot of physiological symptoms from my assault that are affecting my quality of life and so I am finally ready to start my path to healing before it kills me. I am incredibly scared right now and full of shame about what has happened to me. Fortunately the veil of denial is lifting and I am somehow obtaining the courage to reach out. I feel like a hostage to my emotions and struggle to get out of the house as the one year anniversary approaches. But I fought through today and am outside at least looking at other human beings. I feel like I need to watch normal people living so I can remember what it is like. In posting this message I feel like I have taken one step closer to coming out of the darkness that has somehow overshadowed my mind.
  5. E4ACE8AA-9BA6-4250-AFEC-C54DAD08D5B9.jpeg

    Gorgeous💓 what's his name?
  6. It's so wrong

    @Field8 Thank you. Thank you for sitting with me. It is pretty fucked up though you gotta admit it.
  7. It's so wrong

    You are not fucked up!!!! You are stuck in this cycle. Sitting with you if okay
  8. Feeling Nervous.

    Hi there @maxinemorri, I’m new too and also apprehensive about this whole support thing! I was reading your post and even though everything you’ve been through is horrible there was so much I could understand so personally. I feel a little less alone right now and I hope you feel a little less alone too. We’ve got this, orka
  9. There's no way back

    I think it's just too far. I've gone too far. There's no bringing me back anymore *this is not a suicide threat or anything like that don't worry*
  10. Last week
  11. almost 6 years

    I’m sitting with you @blackroses1999
  12. Nova Scotia

    I love the picture where you are looking up. You look so free! And yes, I love lunches with a view. Mine is typically the beach.
  13. E4ACE8AA-9BA6-4250-AFEC-C54DAD08D5B9.jpeg

    Awwwww he looks just like our cat willow.
  14. New here

    Hi Serenity165 welcome!!
  15. Introduction

    Hi ABS55 I’m living a similar life as the past 40+ years have caused me so much pain that I’m hoping to help by being here.
  16. *TW* First time posting...

    Hi Riseaboveitall! I hope you can find some comfort her at AS.
  17. I Need Someone to Hear Me!

    Hi Dannie I agree time doesn’t heal all wounds. It seems like sometime they get worse and more jagged and painful with time.
  18. Hi. I'm new.

    Hi Sybilscrush!! Welcome to AS!
  19. I'm new (at least as of yesterday)

    Hi Amsekhmet!! My story is similar to yours in that a loved one hurt me while I was drugged. I’m so very full of anger and hate toward him that is strangles me. I fell like this rage is suffocating and am hoping to find an outlet here. Welcome to AS.
  20. Trying to begin

    Hi Peacefuldaydream welcome and thank you for your service.
  21. Feeling Torn About Posting

    Hiya Nordic.panda!! You deserve a voice just as much as the rest of and I’m grateful you found AS.
  22. The possibility of not being so alone.

    Hi Moorel!! I know what you mean about wanting to step back in to the pre story part of your life. It seems like things spiral and get worse when others find out.
  23. Hi, I've never done this before

    Hi Scarlettpoppy! I’m a newbie as well and trying to figure out how to articulate my story as it’s still evolving. I’m hoping finding this forum will be a start at healing for all of us!!
  24. ❤️ our pets!

    Our adorable kitty!!
  25. i want to die

    @Survivor AmyThanks. Sorry you feel the same. I'm having a rough day today so your response makes me feel a bit better. I always feel like im the only one that feels this way so knowing that somebody else feels similar makes me feel less alone.
  26. It's so wrong

    I can't stop it. I can't stop making myself bleed. It's getting worse, it's running down my legs just like when I was child. I don't know why I do it. But I keep doing it I need to stop. It's already so damaged It's so fucked up. I'm so fucked up.
  27. What if?

    Dear What If, I want him to suffer too, Your perpetrator and mine. I wish you peace and in moving forward and know that you are not alone here.
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