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  1. Hi and welcome to AS! I hope you find what you need here. You are not alone.
  2. I'm sorry you have to see him again. (if okay?) Those words you chose are simple but so powerful.
  3. Welcome, Emma. I was shocked there were so many of us, too. I hope you find the support you need here.
  4. About a rape that happened on school campus when I was 12: "Hmm. Well, what were you wearing? Something slutty?" WTF does that have to do with it? Does my attire give the answer to whether I deserved it or not?
  5. I'm sorry that you have need to be here, but glad you found us. Personally this place and the people here have helped me so much. I hope it's the same for you. Welcome to AS, jazzhands!
  6. Good thread. I told my friend about one incident (when I was raped with a knife). Her response. . ."Wow. Was it serrated?" WTF does that have to do with anything? Like if it didn't happen to be serrated it would have been okay? "Get over it and move on. You're ruining your life and you're really becoming crappy to hang out with." I'm sorry if my suffering is a killjoy for you. "I don't want to hear about it. What an awful thing to listen to on a Saturday afternoon." It wasn't a walk in the park to live through either. After revealing I have DID to someone I thought I could trust: "You mean you're a schizo like that Sybil b*tch?" No words for that.
  7. I've been beating myself up a lot lately, so I think this is a good way to challenge myself and that thought process. Dear Me. I know how badly you hurt right now. You can laugh, though. You still have your sense of humor, you have retained your compassion, your love of art, animals, music, movies, and other interests. I know you feel broken and ruined, but you aren't. Think of that picture you drew. The one with you shattered, with cracks and chunks missing. I know you feel that makes you irreparable, but think of filling those gaps up with steel. It won't be the same as it was before, but it will be stronger. That's how it is. You are and always will be different than you would be if you weren't abused, but you're also going to have valuable tools you wouldn't have had otherwise. You're going to be stronger because of this. I'm not going to lie to you. It's going to get harder. It's going to be, at times, terrifying. You're going to go more and more places that are full of shame and fear. You're going to break down barriers, explore things inside yourself you'd rather turn away from, but it will be worth it. You will get past this constant pain. You will go on to do good things in the world. You'll look back on this many years from now and think, "Wow. Look at what I did. That took courage." It's going to painful; healing doesn't happen overnight and certainly not easily. Trust the process. Keep going even when you feel like giving up. Keep people who support you close. Don't be afraid of trusting. You don't want to be abandoned or rejected so you don't want to trust because you're afraid of getting hurt, but you're hurting already. You can't do this alone, so please don't trick yourself into thinking you can again. Keep the faith. -Yourself
  8. At first I was going to say that I didn't like that idea, because I'm only 16, yet I am mature, much more than most kids my age. And the things about "adult" topics, sex/drugs/etc. I think most of us have been exposed to that at an early age. Kids in school talk about drugs and sex, anyway. Thanks to my abuse I was pushed into those things early, and I would think the same might be true for many of us. Abuse makes us "grow up" earlier than most would think. Plus, some of the people I've bonded with here are adults; our age hasn't been much of a barrier at all. But, I think Melzie made a great distinction, because my first thought (actually, worry) was that each one would be "off limits" from each other. I like AS as it is, but I could definitely go for that.
  9. Hi and welcome to AS! I'm glad to be able to get to know you, though I'm sorry you have reason to be here. You can PM me anytime if you need to talk. Safe if it's okay.
  10. Good for you, Pam! I know it's hard to acknowledge it, especially to someone else. I also know how you can talk about it but be disconnected from it. You're very strong! All my support and love from your sister in survival.
  11. 1. Why did you do it? (To all of my abusers at all stages of my life.) 2. Karma will come eventually, fuckers.
  12. Hi, AnnaMarie! I'm sorry that you have reason to be here, but very glad to "meet" you. Like someone else said, I like you already. :D Anytime you want or need to talk, about anything, you can always PM me. ((((((((Hugs))))))))) :hug: if it's okay.
  13. Hi and welcome to AS! Glad you found us, and good luck on your healing journey. You can PM me if you ever need to talk one-on-one.
  14. Hello and welcome to AS. If you need to talk we will listen to you with compassion. Don't hesitate to PM me if you need to talk to someone one on one.
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