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  1. ---Welcome Spirit to After Silence,
  2. --Awww I love kittens but not cats haha I own 3...but I bet that will ease you at night I know it did for me when I had my little kitten, That name Phoenix sounds great I don't even know if I could top that, I'm horrible at naming animals haha I mean...Isaiah?? haha I don't know I'm terrible,
  3. --Welcome OnAhead! Hope you enjoy the site and you'll definitely feel at home soon I know I did,
  4. --Welcome to AS Amanda! I know what your going through and I know we all can encourage you cause I finally posted my story and I feel a lot better, I am starting to get acquainted so you can PM me anytime you like,
  5. Hello Liz welcome to AS. I'm also new but we both can learn and feel at home together,
  6. Thank you all so so much, I really appreciate it,
  7. Yeah girl we could use em and I do feel welcome and I posted on your introduction so check it out,
  8. Racheng, I am so sorry that it happened to you... I'm also new and a lot of what you said and are feeling is how I feel mine was very recent as well...I did tell my bf...I don't know how you are with your relationship and what not but for me it wasn't too bad...I felt at first that he was blaming me and I felt he was treating me just like the police did like I was making it up but in his case he let his friend think that I was cheating on him...I don't want you to be afraid to tell him but just make sure you are ready to you know...you need all the support you can get and for me I am also ve
  9. Welcome to AS, I'm also new here so we can learn together,
  10. Thank you all soo soo much, This site has made me feel a little better already...I'm still a little hesitant to tell my story...I just don't know if there is anyone here that has a story like mine...their stories seem worse...I dunno but thank you for the warm welcome it does make me feel better instead,
  11. Hey Whimsical and thank you very much I do have a very supportive mother and I thank God she is here for me,
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