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  1. You don't have to apoligize for anything. Everyone's here to listen. -Tori
  2. I got my nails done! Hehe. And I'm going to see friends tonite for a movie night, which means we're gonna watch a million movies and crash on the couch. And I'm seeing the boy before he goes to California I'm gonna miss him sooooo much. I've been pampering myself to no end. When we got the hotel room for the Tori Amos concert, I sprung for the master suite... omg, so amazing. I feel like a princess. A princess with no money anymore, but still. -Tori
  3. Welcome to AS. Don't worry about posting everything all at once. It can be a little intimidating at first, because people tend to open up pretty quick here. Just take your time and do everything at you own pace, however you feel comfortable. I'm sorry for what you've been through. We're all here for you. -Tori
  4. I don't really know any advice. Yes, it was rape. Rape doesn't have to be the brutal steretype. You said no. He did something that was against your will without your consent. I'm so sorry for what you've been through. It's not your fault. ~*Tori*~
  5. I'm sorry your dad reacted the way he did. I know that my dad had kind of a similar reaction when I confessed to my parents about my r*pe. He was crying and upset and very supportive, but to this day he still tells me I should have told him right away and it would not have been this bad. It hurts me because he thinks I didn't tell him because I didn't trust him, and i know how much he hurts because I didn't tell him right away. Maybe your dad feels the same way, maybe he's just a little hurt that you couldn't come to him right away so he could help you. Parents are like that about things like
  6. Welcome to AS. This was the first place I came after my r*pe. Everyone here is so great, they made it so easy for me to finally get everything out. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. ~*Tori*~
  7. I'm glad you found it here. Just remember to take your time, you don't have to say anything you aren't entirely comfortable sharing. Welcome to AS, I hope you find it as great as I have! ~*Tori*~
  8. Welcome to AS! I'm sory for what happened to you, but I'm glad you're coming to realize what it truly was. I had the same problem, I was 16, also saving myself, and I couldn't fight, I froze. I tried everything, but I couldn't fight. For a while I blamed myself for not doing anything, for not screaming, for not beating the sh*t out of him. It took a while for me to admit to myself what had happened. There are still times when I feel unsure and insecure, still moments when I blame myself and minimize the whole thing. But I'm rambling... I guess what I really meant to say was that I understand
  9. I'm glad you're back. I hope you feel better soon! ~*Tori*~
  10. Ruby- You sound so strong and determined in your post and I think it's amazing. I'm glad you found it here, because it really has helped me so much with everything. So, welcome, I guess is all I really have to say. You can IM me whenever, because I'm usually around. ~*Tori*~
  11. Well, now you can spend time online and not feel alone... because we're all here with you! I know how alone it can get sometimes. Just know that you aren't alone, especially not here. There are so many people who know how you feel and are here to be by your side through everything. Glad you found it here! ~*Tori*~
  12. Sorry for what you've been through. I'm glad you found AS though. I was new to the whole thing myself when I found this site, everyone here is so great though. ~*Tori*~
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