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  1. I'd just like to reiterate what the others have said. Welcome, brok3nn2. I hope that you find this a safe, trustworthy place where you can find healing and receive support and friendship you need. We're a very caring community, and you won't be forced to talk or post if you don't want to, just read and join in when you feel comfortable. Congratulations on coming on here and breaking the silence, that was really brave of you, and I honestly hope that AS can help you. Love Jacqui xxx
  2. Said by a friend two weeks ago when a guy tried to rape me: "But you didn't mind him kissing you did you?" As if letting someone kiss you means you will let them do something else! And, just for the record, I only let him kiss me because I was afraid that if I refused he'd get violent and try to go further. My friend meant well, I know she did, because she did give her general opinion - his fault - but she couldn't understand what the problem was since he only 'attempted' to have sex with me but didn't manage it.
  3. Jacqui


    As usual Jacqui is late to find messages, but I just wanted to say hi, and now you've been here a day or so I hope you're enjoying finding your way round. I hope you are happy here, we try and be very friendly! Love Jacqui xx
  4. Welcome! May he end his days in jail. I hope you find AS helpful - I'm sure you will! It really is a great community, so make yourself at home and start healing. Jacqui xxx
  5. Jacqui

    Baby Step

    Welcome. Only you can decide whether you need to open the door or not. But as others have said, there is loads of support here. And everyone's friendly and encouraging so whatever you want to say, whatever you feel you need there will be someone to help you, or someone just to sympathise, or those who will just listen and offer friendly hugs. IMHO it sounds like you need something - since you've been having nightmares and flashbacks. You sound a strong person to have coped for so long. So well done for that. So, make yourself at home, continue to browse and get a feel for the place and the people. Post when you're ready and there will be someone to help you. Hope my long ramblings haven't put you off!! Good luck with healing, Jacqui xx
  6. My inner child's about 8 years old, maybe a bit older. She varies according to my mood. Today she's 8, and it the sweetest, cutest blonde thing imagineable. She's happy and playful, just like a kitten. I tell her to keep it up, and give her some more chocolate.
  7. Well just wanted to put my hand up and say hi, I'm back! Had to take some time away from this board for a couple of reasons. Doing a research project on something like this is hard, and it's doubly hard when it's all about analysing and evaluating different people's experiences that are so close to my own. And spending day after day studying it is draining and I decided I needed a break from this message board. Also, I've been concentrating on my university applications. Now the Oxford rigmarole is over (didn't get in) I can relax again and focus on other things. So, I'm back, and am halfway through my project. Of course I will let you know my results! Jacqui xxx
  8. I think sometimes it's worse to be invalidated by someone who really does care about you and isn't trying to be horrible. One of my best friends was like this. She said - very well-meaningly - but oh how it hurt: It was 7 years ago J, you need to get over it now.... Please Jac, do we have to talk about it, you're making me feel really upset and uncomfortable. It wasn't meant to invalidate, I don't think, but she couldn't deal with it either, so wanted to forget I'd told her. If it was that upsetting for HER - did she not think that I would be ten times worse? It doesn't matter how long ago it was - my brain blocked it until a few months ago so it feels like it's very recent past - not 7 years ago! And even if I'd been dealing with this for 7 years, maybe I still wouldn't be able to deal with it.
  9. Inspired by Charlene, I am following her example! I was Scared-J, but now, I don't feel scared anymore of this message board, so the name is inappropriate. I am now Jacqui! Just letting you know! Hugs, Jacqui xx
  10. Cool! How do you do it? Because I'm not Scared anymore - well not of this board anyway - and I'd like to change mine! But I don't know how to do it!
  11. Hi! Great to see you! Hope you find healing and fun here! Welcome!
  12. Thank you! It's great here - I've only just arrived this week, and the support has been incredible. I've even been able to share my story in that topic - for the first time ever! Never before have I been able to tell anyone as much as I've told you all in my story. Thanks to everyone who made me so welcome! J xx
  13. Miss N - stop blaming yourself and thinking of it all at once. Little steps, think about one thing at once, and calm down. You've been through a lot - that's for sure, but what you need to do now is to slow down, tackle one thing at once and don't despair. You say you've forgiven your father - now you need to forget it happened. I don't mean completely blank it - that's not good - but deal with it, face it again and tackle it. Easier said than done, believe me I know, but it's still very much an issue with you, so must be dealt with. Good luck. And sympathy and hugs! J xx
  14. Welcome! I'm new too! Everyone has been so kind. Don't be afraid here, like me!
  15. Thanks all of you. Much appreciated. Sorry I'm not posting much - I'm absolutely terrified of this whole thing at the moment. Hence the name. Be nice wth me please! *J runs and hides in a corner and cries*
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