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  1. do not know where to post this. sorry. what does **T** mean?
  2. Thank you for your support and clarification. It is hard situation to be in. I am so far from home. I do not want to tell my family yet in America. and since I am a missionary, I got to be careful of scandal. I did not want to say where I am before becuase of that. Although now, I think it is safe to say. I am in Southeast Asia. Although this country is very "Americanized" in the Rage Against the Machine sense of the word. It still has a way to go in how to respect women, I think. It has been America's political allie in asia for awhile. I want to stay and help the people of the country. but
  3. I want ask advice about what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.... I am American but I am now living overseas actaully as a volunteer. I am helping a foreign community with religion things. Anyway, I caming here to *********, in March and stayed on one of the islands for month and then went to help in the Counrty's capital. I really like it here. The people are very warm and welcoming.Well the local religious leader of the community I serve, Has a cousin living with him. When I came here I just wanted to serve the community. I was not planning on any relationships. This cousin acted intere
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