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  1. It's Alex...

    Alex Missed you heaps, hon! Am so glad you are back. Welcome back hon! love, claire.
  2. Been Away, Am Back

    I cant begin to thank each one of you for your thoughts and support. It means alot to me. I became so emotional just reading the replies to my post...silly me Thank You so much. Am trying to find the strength to post again....might have lost it somewhere back then tho... love, claire.
  3. Been Away, Am Back

    Am sorry I have been away for quite a bit now. Hope things are ok for all of you. Things havent been all that great for me lately and am going thru one of the worst times of my life atm. Cant spend too much time online cos of physical constrains. Am looking at a really rough road ahead of me. Wish, oh how I can only wish the clouds would clear but thats not likely to happen anytime soon. *sigh* But I am glad I made it back here. Missed being amongst strong survivors. Well, I gotta go, take care.
  4. Another New Member

    (((Anna))) Welcome to AS !!!
  5. Hi *waves*

    Welcome to the board Allison. I am sure you will find all the support here at AS to help you through your journey towards healing. claire.
  6. Hey Everyone

    Welcome to AS nick... claire.
  7. Hellooooooooo!

    Welcome to AS!!!!
  8. Hey I'm New...

    Welcome to the board love. Am sorry to hear what brought you here but am glad you found this site. I am sure you will get loads of support and encouragement here to walk you thru the road to healing. (((safe hugs))) claire.
  9. Another Newbie!

    Hi Jill, Welcome to the board hon. Just wanna say that I admire you for your courage to come this far. I wish you well for the court closure and do know that you have us behind you. storm.
  10. Hey Everyone

    Hi Aliste, Welcome to the board hon !!!! This is a wonderful place to begin your journey towards healing...a beautiful family to be amongst. Am sorry about what you went thru but you are not alone. storm.
  11. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the board Michelle!!! storm.
  12. New

    Welcome to the board hon.. storm.
  13. Greetings, A Newbie Here

    ((((Diamond)))) Welcome to the board hon. Am sorry for what you went thru. Am gald you are here tho... I hope you will find the support and encouragement here to help you in your journey towards healing. storm.
  14. Hi Everybody

    ((((Sheshy)))) Welcome to After Silence hon!! Am sorry what brought you here but am glad you are here. I know you will find lots of support and encouragement here to walk you through your road to healing. storm.
  15. General Age Of Forum

    I guess everyone turns older each year...prolly just a number to some but it does mark surviving another year for some others too. I thought I'd never see me turning a year older this year but I did....just turned 34 a little over a week ago.