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  1. aliste

    Hey I'm New...

    Welcome to the board...I am somewhat new here too, and my experience is that I have found so much love and support here. I am sorry for what you are having to go through...it is so hard when family turns against you. much love and good luck
  2. hey everyone, i am 24 years old, married, and its been 5 years since I was raped. I am here to hopefully find a great support network, and to be understood. I was , about a year ago, dealing with everything , and doing well. However, since I have been married (about a year), I have gone downhill. I stopped writing in my journal, and it just seems like I have gotten more depressed every day. I was a member of another online support group and then one day it just wasnt there anymore! Well, I hope to hear from someone, take care
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