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    Hobbies or Likes: Writing, Reading, Music, Photography, Blogging, etc...<br /><br />What I love: Animals, Children, God, Friends, Family (well family is not always "blood related" in my book), education
  1. MsRuby

    Hi-new Here

    Welcome nita...take your time, and go at your own pace hon...we are here for you when you need us. MsRuby
  2. hi msleigh msleigh and msruby lol...thats neato... anyway..welcome to AS...post whenever you feel you can, or whenever you need too...we are here for you. MsRuby
  3. lol thanks for sharing linz...I am silly...I just bought a planner with all the birthstones for each month...like thats the design of it...i think it is cool, and it tells little facts about each birthstone in history...will have to share it some time
  4. Thank you so much IHaveMadeIt...I appreciate the welcome...and its always better late than never thank you very much... Thank you Ruthie...I chose it because I was lacking in user name creativity for a minutes...so just chose to use my birthstone...which is a Ruby...and it said that that name had already been used, so I added a Ms in front of it just cause it sounded good together... Thank you for your welcome, I am so glad to be here...well, I wish none of us had a reason to be here....but since the reason is out there, I am glad there is a place for us to be and feel safe... Take Care MsRuby
  5. Hello purple glitter, it is nice to meet you. This is a great place I've been here a few days now and everyone I've encountered has been wonderful. I am sorry for what you have been through, but glad that you are getting help and reaching out. Take Care MsRuby
  6. MsRuby


    (((blue)))so glad you are here hon. it may be burning inside of you sweetie, but it is not something that has to consume you ok...it is a burning that you can contain and heal from ok...just keep the faith dear one. You made such a big step in coming here for support!! I am glad. MsRuby
  7. MsRuby

    Just Hello.

    welcome to AS...I'm finding i like this place and the people who make it up...there is a good atmosphere here... I am also in college right now...I think it is neat that you are into poetry Sorry for all you've been through hon...I hope to see you around the boards... MsRuby
  8. MsRuby


    that is ok sweetie, I am glad you are here, and you do not have to talk to anyone you dont want or feel comfortable talking to, the therapist included...I'm sorry that you have no one irl to talk to with right now, but really am very glad you have found this board, and it really is great to have the online support...you take care ok hon!! MsRuby
  9. MsRuby


    hello dear, I am so glad you have come to after silence, I am new here myself, but just the couple days Ive been here I have noticed how absolutely wonderful and friendly everyone here seems to be. I hope you will stick around. I am so sorry for what you've been through...it is awful...I know it is uncomfortable being in therapy, but sometimes it really is worth it, and if you can find the right person to talk to, it can really help to connect with someone who can help and listen and be there for you. Do you have anyone in real life that you might feel comfortable talking with if need be?? It is hard, but having a support system can be very helpful when you've gone through something traumatic like this. If you would like to talk I am here to listen, you can pm anytime. Take it easy on yourself and be good to you. (((bluepanda))) MsRuby
  10. wow! me? determined? thanks I guess I needed to hear that actually...thanks for the welcome too...I am glad being here has helped you...I am really liking it here the more i read and explore. MsRuby
  11. Hi Mariposa, thank you for the welcome and the hugs. Alysure I hope this can be a nice safe place too...it seems like others have found it to be so. Thank you for your response. Hurtingforever, you seem so nice, thanks for the warm welcome...can't wait to get to know others on the board too. 1dark_angel4 thank you for your welcome too... It is so nice here. MsRuby
  12. Thank you Donna, It seems that everyone here is so nice...I'm just doing a little bit of reading right now, and find that all the responses are so caring and compassionate...thank you for the welcome. MsRuby
  13. Hi Alyssa, I have an irl friend who's name is alyssa, I think it is such a pretty name. I also love the song you use for your sig. It is one of my favorites. Don't worry about being a "hypocrite"...it is always easier to offer good advice to others than it is to ourself...it is just tough to swallow personally...I'm glad to meet you... MsRuby
  14. HiFieryFaerie, Thank you for the big squishy welcome hugs safe hugs always make things seem a bit better. Lilea I really appreciate all you had to say. I do realize how important counseling is...I guess maybe I'm still making excuses as to how I can stay away from it...when I quit it was because of how deep into stuff I was getting...I felt like I was drowning and I didn't know what to do...I'm sorry for what happened to you and your aunt, I dont know why this person didn't tell...it was my grandmother, and she's always been a forcefurl person when it came to my grandf. she had no problem coming near strangling him when he exposed himself to my little boy cousin in front of everyone...but things he did to me in secret...well...I just don't know... I really appreciate the warm welcome from the both of you...I hope I will be able to stick around this place...It seems like a very nice "family"... MsRuby
  15. Hello. I have been to the dancing in the darkness website a couple of times periodically...I finally made my way to the message boards. I am nineteen, in college, living with my parents because I don't own a money tree. I love animals, reading, music, writing. I write a lot of poetry, and I journal a lot...blogging is my new addiction actually. I have always remembered that my grandfather and several other people sexually abused me from the time I was about 5 until I was around about 13 (a few years periodically nothing would happen...then...bam)...I was very shocked when I found out that the abuse actually began when I was 2...at least to the best of this other persons knowledge...I don't rightly know what to think about them "Knowing" and not doing anything for a two year old...but that's another story for another day. Like I said I've always known things happened...but I was great at ignoring it...not necessarily forgetting...just ignoring...I sure as heck wish I could do that now. I was silent about it from the time it all began until I was about 17 when I finally said something to an older, trusted friend...through encouragment by her and an online support system I decided to give counseling a try. I did that for a couple of months before I quit...I went recently to the same counselor...and if need be I can go again...but I think perhaps I just needed to know the person REALLY was still there and I hadn't "lost" anyone so to speak... Now I am trying to balance school, work, church and the many other life related obsticals and opportunities...let me just say...I suck at "balancing" anything...I've discovered that much to say the least. I am currently very stressed out...feeling very much like I can not get help...and even if I could what is the point because I currently have not a lick of free time...as a matter of fact I really don't have the time to be registering for this site and writing this post because I should be doing the mountain high pile of homework I have sitting on my laundry basket outside my bedroom door...but am I doing it...No...why...because... i am stressed...and really want nothing more than to take the books and cram them each one down the correct professors throat...even the professors I do like...Ms Ruby on Stress...it just ain't a pretty picture...instead I sit in my room...a tied up ball of knots...mangled and wraping itself around my kneck waiting for the perfect moment to squeeze tight and choke the last bit of sanity I "think" I might still have hold on...HAHA...I think anyway...whatever... Well...My coca cola is getting hot and flat...and I have a ton of laundry and homework to do tomorrow because as we can all see I'm getting absolutely nothing done at this time and now I am exhausted and want nothing more than to go crawl underneath my covers on my bed and curl up hugging my puppy (he's my special puppy...I got him in a walmart parking lot for free back in May of last year...when I was having probably one of the most difficult times of my life related to this crap...I love him very much...and sometimes I think he's the only one I can really trust to "love" me back and really mean it for an unselfish or unhurtful matter)...whatever...once again...coca cola getting hot and flat...eye lids also shutting...thank you very much for the space to write and introduce myself...I am sorry I was just so "bla bla bla" here...I don't guess I said anything ...and if I did say something and I wasn't suppose to then I am really sorry. oooooooh i like this smiley face thing...yes...anger managment!
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