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  1. It's been awhile, missed being here. 

    1. MeBeMary


      Welcome back. :hug:  

    2. mini.finch


      Nice to see you again, Anon! Welcome back!

    3. WendyAlone


      It’s good to see you back :) 

  2. I didn't realize that I was having major flashbacks for days. I woke up to a bad dream yet again today. From cult leader SA down to earlier ones in college and in my late teens. That was the first shame. 

    1. Enigma87


      I’m so sorry you are dealing with major flashbacks :( I’m also sorry for all you’ve been through! You have nothing to be ashamed of. All shame belongs to those who have abused you. I’m sending you my support, and sitting with you if okay ❤️❤️

    2. mini.finch


      Sitting with you, if you'd like. And *safe hugs if ok* I'm so sorry you've been having major flashbacks lately. That is awful. You don't deserve them, just like you didn't deserve what happened to you. As Enigma said, the shame belongs to those that abused you, not to yourself. Take gentle care of yourself. Sending support! ❤️ 

  3. I am out of myself, short on words too. Sitters please? 

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    2. Anonymous4
    3. Anonymous4


      @WendyAlone Thank you! It is a struggle. 

    4. Anonymous4


      @Field8 @abhaya Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. 

  4. Number 16 reminds me'f you. I hate the number 16.
  5. You stop running after me. You can go to hell. You have taken my life. You have ruined womens' lives. I wish you'll get caught.
  6. Hi @Saphira! I'm glad that you are here at AS. I'm also a newbie and struggling too with talking and dealing with what had happened. I'm here in any case you need someone to speak with. Have a peaceful day.
  7. Hi @Sam3456 I am glad you are here. I also experienced several sexual assaults/abuse in my adult life. I was sexually assaulted on my late teens, R in college and just before starting a family. It's a huge weight off my shoulder to finally voice out myself here in this lovely community. Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful day.
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