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  1. Hoping you still visit the cows :)

    1. Reyzl


      Oh wow, Blossums, you're spooky lol. I'm off on retreat tomorrow to hang out with cows, followed by a week on a cow farm! What timing you have! Hope you're well :)

    2. blossums


      Glad to hear it :P

      Thanks I'm well

  2. Hello To Everyone

    Hi Sweets, like the name Know what you mean about here too, I feel right here as well x
  3. Guess I Start Here

    Hiya and welcome, like everyone said, go at a pace that feels right for you xx
  4. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    Stick it up your jumper
  5. I needed to see this thanks for all of the ideas
  6. Admins Mods Newbie Support Team?

    I've just re-read this as I was searching for another post I made, and it made me feel very grateful for AS
  7. All My Posts Were Erased?

    I know what you mean, it is sad isn't it x
  8. Hey Guys

    hiya and welcome back Sounds good that you feel more able to open up now Let me know if you have any questions etc, be glad to help All the best
  9. Hello

    Hi Abigail Welcome to AS What a nice doc, it's definately a lot easier to get support here than face to face and having to say things outloud. Think the anonymity also helps a lot to make it easier to be able to say how we feel or tell our story All the best and hope to see you around
  10. Still Numb.... I Think

    Hi Lauren, welcome to AS, Am really sorry that something has happened so recently, are you getting any support for this? Like everyone says it is a common reaction to feel numb after something traumatic, it's like a defence mechanism to protect us from overwhelming feelings. All the best
  11. I Guess I Should Say Hi.

    Hi Shane, welcome to AS You're right, is is sad how many people are here but good that people here help each other Let me know if you have any questions etc around the forum All the best and hope to see you around
  12. Hello

    Good to meet you too Welcome to AS This place really does help, it's so difficult to talk to people irl about all this, being able to post here is a godsend for me All the best
  13. Glad To Be Here

    Hi MrsGrouch (great name btw) Welcome to AS Definately not crazy, hope you'll find as much support here as you need Let me know if you've any questions etc All the best x
  14. Hi!

    Hi there, welcome to AS Let me know if you need any help getting around the forums
  15. Hello

    Hi Becki, welcome to AS Let me know if there's anything i can do to help you around the forum All the best x