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  1. Be grateful that your boyfriend can handle the details. Mine doesnt want to know too much. I hated therapy growing up and recently just started going. Session six this wednesday. For me its becoming a little harder. Im scared. Im scared of remember what happened to me during my CSA. And the more trusting i am with someone, the more difficult i am i guess you could say. So for me its a struggle in my own way, just because of having trust manipulated as a child. I have a coworker that was R a few years ago who has a a great success with therapy. I know its going to be hard for me but i just do m
  2. thats one of the reasons i joined. my boyfriend is amazing support, but he cant handle a lot of things. I dont have time to go to therapy more than once a week, so i started looking for a group. Its amazing here. to be understood and accepted
  3. Welcome Vega! This is a great place to get support!
  4. Welcome back and good luck with your journey!
  5. It's great here! And its true sometimes its way less scary when you aren't face to face! Good luck!
  6. youll feel again. ive been this way for 10 years, it gets easier. Its really painful to feel, but if you dont feel you cant heal it gets harder and harder but eventually it gets easier!
  7. You're in the right place! I'm just about where you are in your journey! Good luck!
  8. Were excited to have you! Welcome!
  9. It's a great place to be! I hope you figure out why you're here and good luck with your journey!
  10. Im new as well and a multi survivor good luck on your journey!
  11. Katie! I'm pretty much in the same spot but have shared with a few close friends. It gets hard but support makes it easier! Check out the courage to heal! Good luck!
  12. Thank you all! I know my life is only about to unwind all the things I hidden inside me, I'm prepared for the pain but with the support of my therapist bf and other survivors I know ill always belong somewhere
  13. Hey Jamie thanks for inviting me here! Hopefully you find what you need keep your chin up!
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