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  1. Thank you @RubyRosie for sharing and for putting into words what I cannot. Your analogy of folding the trauma over and over to make it smaller was a lightbulb moment for me, because I’ve done the same thing. I’m sure that I still do, without realizing it, because it has become an ingrained coping mechanism that I use repeatedly. I’m working on throwing this bad habit into the garbage can.
  2. Hello @Capulet I've been reading through the blogs and after a few pages of scrolling, I realized that so many of the ones that I really identified with or the ones that made me think, were mostly yours. I've posted a paragraph from your blog above, below (in italics): My primary focus will be on helping those who HAVE suffered abuse at the hands of another - be it physical, mental, verbal, emotional, medical, elder, or sexual - and capitalizing on how I can help them to heal from these wounds. It's my goal to show them that none of these marks, be they visible ones or otherwise, are their fault and that there is NO justifying abuse of any kind. There's NO excuse for any of it. My mission is to keep reminding others of that. Every day for the rest of my life, if need be. One man, woman, child, day, email, phone call, blog post at a time, in hopes that those cogs that surround me that are still grinding and stuck, will eventually begin to turn again, and that this system that is so fucking miserably broken will start to work as it should. Although you are still in school and working on your degree I must point out to you that you are helping those who have been abused. And that you are meeting your goal. And your mission is succeeding. You have helped ME. You have met your goal in that your message have reminded me that there was NO excuse or justification for the abuse that I experienced. I am very grateful. Zoeloves
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