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    Reading, rescuing animals, being in nature and living one day at a time.

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  1. Hi there!

    Welcome. I am pretty new here as well and so far I am so happy and lucky to have found this site. I hope that you will find the support that you need. We are all her with you. Take your time with sharing. No one will rush you. We all want you to feel safe here. You are not alone.
  2. Hello

    Welcome to AS. I am fairly new here as well. We are here to support each other. Share if you are comfortable. We are here for you.
  3. Hello. New here.

    Hello! I am fairly new here as well. So far I love it here. I never expected to feel so safe here. Everyone here is so kind and supportive. You can share your story when ever you feel comfortable. If you think that your post may trigger someone just put a warning before the post. We want you to feel safe here and we will wait until you feel like you can share. Be Safe!
  4. Missing my light.

    My light or as I like to call him. My William. He is someone who I never thought that I would find. Its hard for me because everyone is trying to keep us apart. How do I deal with that when I can feel it in my soul that he is right for me. They will never understand that when I find someone who can relate to my fears that that is something very special to me. I just wish that they would let me be happy and be with the one who makes me feel whole again.
  5. Lost in my mind

    There are times when I catch myself staring outside and looking at nothing. All that I am thinking about is how jumbled my mind is. For all these years I have been lost. I can't explain why I am the way I am. When my screams in my sleep wake up my family how do I tell them? I play it off that it was just a nightmare. It never is. Someone close to, during an argument, told me that I need to stop being the victim after all these years. As if I have some on and off switch. I wish that I knew how to stop this tail spin. If I knew how to help myself then I would do it. I want to live a normal life. Maybe I am simply cursed to live this way.