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  1. You cant control me anymore. :D I hope I'll get the opportunity to say that to him at some point in my life.
  2. ahhh i see what you did. [ color=#800080][ /color][ font=Comic Sans MS][ /font][ size=4][ /size]Lil Bear thats how u have it in ur signature. i'll type how u need to have it to work, and u can just copy/paste it, but take out the spaces i put in, and it'll be fine. [ color=#800080][ font=Comic Sans MS][ size=4] Lil Bear [ /color][ /font][ /size] whatever you want written has to be between the codes and end-codes for it to work.
  3. yayy!!! i hope i see you in there some time now, sad. i've missed you. lol.
  4. (((((((((determined)))))))) that was sooo nice to read. i dont know if you realize how great it is to read stuff like that, though i guess you do since you wrote it. lol. thanks though. it picked me up a little.
  5. I'm not going to arrest him because you aren't acting like a victim usually does. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to slander this man's name. Dont you know what they do to rapists in prison? This was from a detective, after I told them my step dad had been raping me for 3 years. What the hell?!?!?!
  6. woohoo! thanks. it is now displayed proudly at my livejournal. :D
  7. im still seeing the butterfly one. try changing it again? maybe u did something wrong?
  8. *jumps up and down* me too me too me too! haha. sorry. this got me excited. sounds very fun
  9. I could've sworn I saw a button before that lets you make a new poll, just liek you would make a new topic. But now that I need it, I cant find how to do it. =/ I already read the FAQs and stuff, but that just says how to mkae the poll once youre already there. How do you get to the actual part where you make it? I hope you understand the question. lol. It's typed weird but yeah. Anyway. Sorry I seem so dumb. lol. Thanks in advance.
  10. Welcome to AS! I have found this to be a really helpful place, and hope you do too. It's a nice, friendly place, too, which doesnt hurt. lol. I hope to see u around the boards soon. Once again, happy birthday, even though i realize u said u had mixed feelings about it. hehe.
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