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    Sculpture, woodworking, painting, drawing, reading, and mainly art in general!

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  1. Oooh! It might be your computer then! No clue how to fix that!
  2. Mine worked and shows up. Did you switch around the codes for the link and picture that BlueWings gave? Did you use the right code from photobucket. It took me a while to get mine to work because I switched around codess! oops It could also just be myspace acting crazy! Hope that helps.
  3. To Post These Banners Save the banner(s) that you plan on using into a folder on your desktop.Upload the image(s) onto a free website such as Photobucket.On the free uploading website, they'll give each banner(s)/image(s) a code.Copy this code.To place these banners on a website of yours (MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal, etc.), use the HTML coding: <img src="insert your special image or banner code here"> It's always nice to link back to the actual website. To do that, use this code: <a href="insert http:// address here"><img src="banner code"></a> I hope I h
  4. Thanks! Do you have the codes or a link also?
  5. Does After Silence have any web banners that can be posted on websites like myspace? It would kind of cool to have banners like other sa groups. Just wondering
  6. Hi! Welcome to AS Does the guy getting out of jail know where you live? Have you considered staying at a temporary new residence until you know that he will not do anything crazy? He might not because he will be on probation and, at least where I live, you go back to jail very easily will parole violations. Oh, and have you taken any self defense classes? It could help to make you feel safer. Anyways, welcome to the board
  7. shanon


    Hi Leana! My attack was pretty recent too and so far AS has helped me tremendously, so, hopefully it will help you too.
  8. A "friend" of mine wrote and email to someone else that I later found out about saying that I: "Like to play the victim" I didn't ask for him to force himself on me! Someone else said kiddingly to me (just didn't think before he spoke) "Once you go black you never go back" Exuse me?! I have also heard one that many people have been told: "Are you sure that happened?" No you poop head, those bruises came from the bruise fairy. I guess some people don't think before they talk.
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