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  1. I just had a conversation with my guidance consular at school. I had let her know what happened to me. I had debated doing so with my family, we wanted to keep it more private but we figured it would help my case here at school. The assault made me miss a lot of school, I was very lethargic and upset. I never wanted to leave my room. But I've brightened up since then and pursued the idea of finishing out school. With help from my family encouraging me to stay in school and everything. But the stress has weakened my immune system, at least that is what my new boyfriend thinks. He's very health positive. But I have Vasovagal Syncope and it makes my heart rate go up and I faint a lot more. So I've been out of school more. But they just offered me a program to finish out my junior year. Basically I will do a few of my harder classes in a "home school setting" and just check in with my school every week and do a bunch of work from home and do my easier classes in a normal classroom setting. It really is going to make my life easier. And next year I'll be able to do all of my classes online from my laptop. I'm really grateful for the opportunity that my guidance consular has provided. I wanna do something nice for her.

    1. SilentBird


      I am glad you had the opportunity to talk to your guidance counselor. I also hope it helps. I thought vagal episodes caused the heart rate to drop.

    2. gorbaby


      For me my heart rate goes up and it effects my already low blood pressure and I lose blood to the brain and faint.


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