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    The Queen City, NC
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    Reading, cooking, going to field trials with our jack russell terriers, gardening, singing.

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  1. Welcome to AS, maggs. Hang in there. Jill
  2. when I would rub his blaze and he would snuffle in my hand. Jill
  3. Welcome to AS. As a young girl I had a Tennessee Walker, Gentleman Bill was his name. Jill
  4. Just Jill


    Welcome Sara! Jill
  5. Welcome to AS, Miss Amber Jill
  6. Charlette, Welcome to AS from another 40-something person. This is a safe place so share you story when you are ready. Again welcome, Jill
  7. Just Jill


    Lathian, Hello and welcome to AS. I'm certain you will find this site as helpful as I have found it to be. Jill
  8. Selene You're among friends here. Please don't think you are selfish. Anyone of us may need to lean on you someday, so please seek out all the wonderful people here at AS. It's been an invaluable place for me as a soft place to fall. Take care hun, Jill
  9. Welcome to AS, Fireball. I'm sure you will find this forum to be very helpful. Jill
  10. Claire, welcome to AS. I hope you find this forum as helpful as I did. Jill
  11. Rachael, welcome to AS. I'm sorry any of us need this place, but I'm awfully glad it's here. You'll find the friendship and support you're looking for here. Jill
  12. 1)The infamous, what's your favorite color? RED 2) What's your favorite animal? JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS! 3) If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would you want to meet? RONALD REAGAN 4) If you could turn into any animal for a day, what animal would you turn into and what would you do? DOG, SLEEP ALL DAY 5) If you could have any job what would it be? MY PRESENT JOB...I LOVE IT 6) If you could be any age for the rest of your llife, what age would you want to be? 28 7) What's your favorite smiley? ALL MY HUSBAND'S SMILEY TATTOOS! 8) Are you an early bird or a night owl? NIGHT OWL 9) What's your favorite holiday? EASTER 10) If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing with you, what would you bring? MY TOOTHBRUSH 11) What's your favorite food? CAKE 12) If you could spend one day doing anything you wanted to, no matter how much it cost or anything, how would you spend that day? SWIMMING WITH THE DOLPHINS 13) If you could be an actor/actress in any movie, what movie would you want to be in? FORREST GUMP 14) If you could have your hair any color, what color would it be? AUBURN 15) What's your favorite sport to watch? BASEBALL 16) What's your favorite sport to play? SOFTBALL
  13. Welcome Mourning Angel. Glad you are here! Jill
  14. Kristy, welcome to AS. I hope you find this site to be as much help to you in your healing as I have. I hope you get tons of donations. Jill
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