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  1. Hi There...

    Welcome! Ashleigh
  2. New Member Here

    Welcome! Ashleigh
  3. Invalidation. Words Can Hurt!

    It's just terrible what people say. Maybe they should say nothing instead of something hurtful? I think among the most astonishing thing ever said to me was by my mother-in-law. She felt it was a magnificent gesture on her part when she "forgave me" for being raped. They'll never get it and we can't help them to understand it. It's something lacking within them, not with us. That's why this site is so important. We get it and it doesn't have to be explained to us for us to get it. Thank heaven for this site! Ashleigh
  4. Hey

    Welcome~ Ashleigh
  5. Saying Hi

    Welcome! Ashleigh
  6. Hi

    Hi Sarah, A very kind welcome to you! You'll find this to be a safe site, full of support without judgement. Many of us are parents, or should have been parents, we are sisters, we have brothers here too (that we fully embrace and protect) and are here for you. From here, there is the rest of your life to conquer. It's the best place I know of to start that process. Ashleigh
  7. Hello

    For the life of me I can't understand why you were treated so badly. I'm sorry that they hurt you. You won't find poor treatment here. Ashleigh
  8. Hi

    Everyone here is nice, there isn't any pressure, and who you are is just fine... Welcome
  9. Being Here...

    Welcome Alexia... We too are from all over the world. Don't worry about making sense, I hope we make sense to you too. Kindest welcome, Ashleigh
  10. Hi Everyone

    The water isn't too deep, come on in... Welcome! Ashleigh ` 1
  11. I'm Eden & I'm New As Well

    Welcome~! Ashleigh
  12. Hello

    Welcome to AS! Ashleigh
  13. I'm Back

    It's nice to have you back... Ashleigh
  14. Hello

    Glad you're here... Ashleigh
  15. Hello. I'm New.

    Hi, Welcome to the most receptive site you will find. Who you are is okay here. What you have been through is echoed, by at least one someone reading this. You have found a place without judgement, hate, or viciousness. This is the other side of how women are that women rarely see. We are here with our own stories. We are here to support you. We are far from perfect, but you will never find support as you will find it here. Welcome. Ashleigh