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  1. Thank you all for the welcome. It is very difficult to try to intergrate here, for me. But I sort of promised myself that if I could just post at least once per day... I could get myself talking, make myself share... Maybe I could... I don't know. I imagine more than one of you know what I mean, even if I can't explain it. Again, Thanks.
  2. Attempting to communicate with someone I never spoke with before is always a little difficult. When that someone turns out to be a community with a thousand and more members, I for one almost cannot bring myself to even for a moment exist where another person could witness me. That aside, I make an attempt to say hello and introduce myself a bit. I am twenty three years old, male, and by the qualifiers used here a survivor. I don't know what more to say that won't eventually better be fitted elsewhere, so I think this is my post. Yup, this is it.
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