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  1. Thank you all fir the welcomes and I will try make one of those cHat sessions 8888
  2. Decided I need to be bk here after a long time not been here need support as going through some horri le things.
  3. best person to ntact is john on admin rabbit, he should be able to help you nemmie xx
  4. ((((((sky))))))) im so so pleased he was there for you, its happened me before text message at a time when u ar down in the dumps and feeling like you do not care anymore, karma is a good thing the good karma i mean, someone there to support and help just at that moment when you need it the most. (((sky)) ((sky's new friend)) nemmie
  5. nemesis


    ((((((skyllor))))))) i know that feeling and i think yes its ok to run for a bit as long as you are aware you ned to face it too, sitting with you if ok, nemmie xxx
  6. woah only got this now haha weird

  7. woah only got this now haha weird

  8. Hello Nut bag! I get to send you nutty messages now! im starting to like the new set up!!

  9. welcome to AS, im pleased you have foung this amazing supportive site, i hope to see you around the boards,please dont hesitate to contact me if you need help with anything, nemmie
  10. hi and welcome to AS, i hope you find this site very helpful, its a wonderful comminity of people here, im pleased you have found us and are reaching out for support, hope to see you around the boards, nemmie
  11. welcome to AS tatiana, im glad you have found this site, im sure you will find it an amazingly supportive and helpful community of people, hope to see you around the boards nemmie
  12. hi and welcome to AS, i do hope you find this site as helpful as i have, it's an amazing comminuity of supportive people here and im sure you will receive a lot of support, nemmie
  13. hi and welcome to AS. i am happy you have found this site, take your time looking around the boards and be careful of trigger warnings too, this is a wonderful comminity of friendly supportive people and im sure you will find the support you need, well donr for been brave and joining us here, nemmie
  14. welcome to AS cherry, we are also glad you are here, im nemmie and part of the newbie support team so if you have any questions drop me a message, i hope we can help support you so you dont feel so alone out there, hope to see you around the boards nemmie
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