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  1. listen to the silence and you will hear the answer

  2. skyllor


    Thank you Found!!!!
  3. wondering how to do this

  4. might be triggering one just one that is all it take one message one glimps one look one breath one smell one touch one kiss one hello one last act to destroy the you that youv'e been working on to keep how can one small word have such an enormous effect one last time one no more
  5. just one second is all it takes

  6. might be triggering! i made a new friend - or rather he "found" me, and saved me for that matter! its been a horrible week, wouldn't even know where to start to try and explain, just that i've definately reached the end of my strength round about Thursday as i was contemplating a few ideas, i've decided to pop into AS for maybe just one last time i saw a PM and wondered if i should look at it - wondering if there will be any use in even bothering to see who whants to say what then i started reading and i just couldn't stop, i've read it and read it again it was as if he knew exactly whats hap
  7. skyllor


    Thanks nem and bambi - really needed that not doing so good tonight maybe im just tired maybe i just don't know which way to run and if i will stop sommer just difficult and fedup with myself tonight sorry
  8. Run Forrest Run

  9. PLEASE just take it away

  10. skyllor


    will it be ok to run away just for today ???
  11. Can't wait for that to happen
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