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  1. Hi Pennie, welcome to AS. I hope you find all the support you need here.
  2. Me too angelfish. You are not alone. This site has been a huge help to me and hope it is to you as well. Welcome
  3. Welcome back, Overnight! I'm sure you will fit in just fine. No worries
  4. Glad your surgery went well~ welcome back.
  5. Best of luck with your journey. Being perfect is so tiring. Gentle care and good luck - you've found a good place to let it out.
  6. I went to therapy I cried from grief over positive things that I had never claimed as my own (achievements) and things that had been taken away from me by my abuse I made a pact with myself to actively work towards self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and someday self-Love I bought this gift from the universe for myself....it is at least 18 inches wide, huge and glowing,...you can't really see the rainbow color in the wings but it's there. Shimmery and translucent at the same time. And the round pieces in her wings are faceted like gems. I call her a gift from the universe because I walked into an artisan store after therapy just to look at all the amzingly beautiful things there (I love artwork) to cheer myself up after a very emotional T session. I immediately was drawn to the center of the store where all of the stained glass work is hung from these grids in the ceiling...it's like being in a colored forest, sort of...hard to describe. Just a riot of color and elegant shapes everywhere when you look up. I find the colorful chaos soothing. I always look, because while I would love most of these pieces in my home, they are always out of my price range. Especially since I've been trying NOT to spend money on things I don't need! So anyway, I see this fairy girl, sort of hugging herself, or maybe she is stopping herself from saying something, the way that her hands are crossed over her throat - I was just mesmerized by her. She wasn't bursting with color a way a lot of the other pieces were, but I was drawn to her nevertheless. She had a quiet dignity and softness about her that I felt calmed just looking at her. I was afraid to look at the price. I almost didn't. When I did my jaw dropped. It was about one THIRD of the price of the other pieces of a similar size. Forty-five dollars? I thought maybe she forgot to put the 100 in front of it. I looked at another piece by the same artist a few feet over, with as much detail and roughly the same size, and it was 155. I told the sales lady I thought there was a mistake on the tag, so she looked it up in the book (it's a cooperative, so they have everything listed in a book also under the artist's account). No, she said, that's correct, it's $45. So I said - "I think I'm meant to have this", + oddly enough, the woman behind the desk said "That's funny, I do too, don't ask me why...must be a gift from the universe". I always say this about pleasant things and coincidences I see patterns of - gifts from the universe. So here she is.... OK, so after all that lead in, I can't seem to copy and paste my jpeg here....huh. Anyway, she is just beautiful. You'll just have to use your imagination.
  7. Labels, schmabels! Welcome Back, Megan! You are always welcome here.
  8. Hi hon, welcome back! Missed talking to you. Here any time if you need.
  9. Welcome aboard, Jat! Hope you find some peace here.
  10. jujubee

    A Newbie

    Hi Keir - UGH to the flu!!!! Welcome aboard.
  11. Hi Jocelyn, Planet and Daissy!!!! Welcome to a great place with great people!!! Hope you all find what you need here.
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