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  1. Welcom 2muchpain It took me a long time get here too. Now that i am here I'm hooked. It's really helping me. I hope you find the same.
  2. Welcome! I felt the same way when I joined. I had thought that I was the only person who was like me. Then I stumbled onto the website and was so surprised! It was like everyone was writing out my own thoughts. Some posts remind me of who I used to be. Some posts are right where I am now. Some posts hurt so much to read but teach me someting important about myself. Some posts inspire me to become a better person. Good luck with everything!
  3. Welcome, I'm glad you're here. I hope you find a lot of support and kindness here.
  4. Welcome Posie! I'm glad that you found your way here. I'm pretty new too and I felt the same way. I had thought that there was no one else like me until I found this website. Now I feel more like a normal person who has been through an abnormal situation. Good Luck with everything!
  5. Doctor to be? Wow! congrats.
  6. Hey Steph, I'm new too. It seems like a pretty cool place though. Good Luck with everything and I hope you can tell your story and feel supported here.
  7. It's been 14 years sine the worst and now I am finally ready to talk about it. I've been pretending to be perfect for a long time and now I'm finally breaking out and telling the truth about my life story. Most people who 'know' me now think that my life is peachy. I'm not sure how to break out of that and be truthful. I'm starting here.
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