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  1. Personally I think both Karen and Sonnet have made valid points and ones which to me make it clear as to why thus far we have never had a second chat room for "light" topic chatting. After Silence is dedicated primarily to SUPPORT of those affected by sexual violence. It therefore stands to reason that their chatroom would primarily be there as a support tool for members. Obviously in a slightly different manner than forum posts but a place which is firstly one of support. Yes it's absolutely fine to have lighthearted banter...we all need that, but when a member comes into chat and needs suppo
  2. Lene

    I'm Back

    Ceekay!!!!!!!!!!!!! massive hugs to ya hon..you have been missed Glad to see you back..sorry you're struggling though..hope to catch up with you really soon much love to ya Lene xxx
  3. Welcome back Tulip hon!!! I've missed seeing you around and reading your posts party...? Bing it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lene x
  4. and in answer to your "could you send it again" question..the request has been sent twice and I can't be bothered sending it a 3rd time coz it's speaking volumes already! cheers for the info though..I am now not quite so technologically challenged as I was an hour ago...not out of the woods in that respect yet though...not by a long shot!!! hahaha!!!
  5. well....it's lying to you coz I have...hahaha!!!
  6. Just wondering something...being technologically challenged...if you sent a pm and there was no reply does that mean that the person you sent the pm to has a full inbox so it wasn't recieved..like if an inbox is full would you get a message saying so?
  7. Lene


    Welcome to AS Steena Lene x
  8. Welcome to AS IamLiving Lene x
  9. Much as I think this sounds lovely in theory I think it would just isolate people as "little groups" would form and new people who are already feeling vulnerable and alone would feel like outsiders and it may appear quite intimidating. I think msn/yahoo is great for this purpose as its removed from the board itself and is therefore does not appear to visably exclude,even if that is not the intention. Lene x
  10. Pam..I hope you don't mind but I'd just like to comment on your above post.. I think we all at times make flash judgements,often in the heat of the moment when we are upset about something and just can't understand why what has happened has done.More often than not we don't have all the info and in anger and hurt we lash out...you know the feeling,like a bomb going off inside yourself. I think it happens especially when we as survivors are so full of anger,hurt and mistrust to start with..whether we realise it or not...so the "taking stock" part often gets skipped over! I myself have lost c
  11. Hi Cathie, I am NOT attcking your post for it is part of this thread and everyones opinion and viewpoint is welcomed and necessary.I guess I just wanted to make my own points with regards to some of what you have said.. * As far as I'm aware the mods/admin take the time to carefully browse through threads so that they can check that rules have not been broken and hurtful things said etc.This is their job and it's a time consuming one.I think the very fact that they take the time to do this shows how much they do care for this community and it's members. * Just like you and I the mods,a
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