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  1. ceekay

    I'm Back

    Hi all, I'm an old member - havent been around in ages! Had some issues that decided to pop-up again and I knew this is the one place where I could just be 'me' and not be judged. I hope everybody is doin OK - especially all my old AS friends, and to those who joined while I was away - welcome to AS and I hope you all receive as much love and support as I did. Sorry we have to 'meet' under these circumstances. Hugs to you all C
  2. welcome to AS take care of yourself C
  3. welcome back ((((((((Dawn))))))))))) C
  4. wow....this thread made me think hard and long. I somehow think that at the moment I feel like the person in that hole and the passer by is no 1. I'm at that stage where I dont want to say hów much I need others to help me, but as soon as I realize it is there I back off and say all is ok. But, I find myself being a mix of no 2 & 3....I always try to be as supportive as possible, but something keeps me from getting to involved. I'm scared of saying the wrong things, or even that my being ''empathetic'' will be seen in a different way as what I meant. (does it make any sense) I actually wish that I never needed to be in that hole, or even had to be the passer by. Why cant we not close that hole and make sure nobody gets trapped in it....things would just be so much easier, or would it? So, anyway, I dont know....
  5. ((((((((((((((((Alysure))))))))))))))))) welcome back!!!!! We missed you, definitely not forget you Godd luck with the Sociology!!! Carina
  6. To my inner child: Last night you had such a strange night, didnt you? Things came rushing through your head, what happened to you when you were small and so unsure of life. All you wanted then was to find some comfort and love. You never questioned anything, you only accepted...you were so innocent! Then you started to find your feet again, you believed in yourself, you became strong yet never told anybody about how much you were hurting..... Never did I think this will have such an impact in your life, so many years have passed. Yet, I know you want to be forever happy, young at heart. That movie upset you last night. Beaches, with Bette Midler....you surpressed ''other'' memories too, that of losing the best friend you ever had. It was her favourite movie and the two of you watched it together, laughing and crying together. And last night, you remembered, and you cried for the first time in years. You miss your friend, and so do I. I wish I allowed you to cry when you needed to, I wish that I could have told you time will heal the hurt of losing somebody só precious and important in your life. But instead I turned a blind eye and tried to carry on with life as if nothing happened. WHy didnt I ever listen to you???? I am so sorry for being such a terrible person...
  7. welcome to AS ((((((((((((safe hugs)))))))))) take care Ceekay
  8. ceekay


    Welcome Becky I hope you get (and know you will) get as much support, love and care here at AS as all of us have. Take your time, make yourself at home and when you are ready we are always here for you, in the good and bad times Carina
  9. Welcome to AS Hope you find as much TLC here as we all do! :hug: ceekay
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