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    you can't break my spirit

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    football both playing and coaching, going university and making lots of friends...

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  1. Hi everyone. I was part of this forum a long time ago. However something has happened again and I don’t really no where to turn. So I would just like to say hello everyone
  2. em10


    hi all i have been a memeber for a long time but have not been on here for a very long time over a year, so i decided to post on here. first just to make sure its ok to come back. I have not been in a great place over the last year and now im trying to sort it out and this post one of many steps that i am taking so hi everyone.
  3. hi ABasementGhost and welcome to AS
  4. ((Eli)) Welcome to AS
  5. em10


    Hey Pax Welcome to AS
  6. hi nice to see you been a very long time. Hope you are ok and looking after yourself em
  7. Hi i have not been on here for a very long time. I hope it is ok to come back and join, i have been having a bad time recently and well just thought this may help me.
  8. em10


    yeah im still playing football, everyday im training. thank you for welcoming me back everyone x
  9. em10


    well, some off you will no me, i have not been on AS for over 3 months, but im back i hope this is ok. thought i would post here as there are a lot of new people and feel new now, so hi to everyone my name is Emily. Hope it is ok to be back things are becoming hard, and i find AS such a great help, hope its ok em
  10. em10


    welcome to AS emily xx
  11. em10

    Hi All

    First off hi to all the new members to AS hope you all ok, my name is Emily, i have been away for a bit been really busy this summer with uni work. I have joined a group and i am helping out there weekends, its for people who have been traumatised (cant spell) through abuse etc... so that is helping others and me. I have missed you all so much and i hope you are all ok. lots of love em
  12. em10


    welcome back honey ((((hugs)))))
  13. hey sammy welcome back darling hope everything is going ok, and we can catch up again soon, make sure u keep in touch love ya em
  14. em10


    hey honey welcome 2 AS
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