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Friends, family,

Maybe a bf for me.

Anyone I like or am close to,

I'm naive and can't breathe. 


When they ask me to do something,

I do it without thought. 

Whatever makes them happy,

Is all that really counts.


Pic, or a selfie,

Maybe audio or a snap.

Everytime I try to say no,

To them, it's a bunch of crap.


They say they aren't unhappy,

When I say no to them.

Yet, the look on their face,

Shows their patience cutting thin.


And just as I am,

Naive and not smart.

I say yes to everything,

That's just the way of my heart.


I can't hurt someone,

Or see them disappointed in me.

I have to be "perfect" to them,

Or I'd be a nothing to everybody.


One person cut off,

A viral mistake that spreads.

Even one hurt feeling,

Then I'm the one dead. 


Cause the feeling inside,

Of hurting the person who stays.

Is a bomb of guilt and nails,

That stabs me, making me pay.


Although, I deserve punishment,

I feel that's not enough.

I can't say no to many people,

If I do, they call my bluff.


They know I can't stand against them,

They know I don't have a chance.

Hence, them taking advantage of me,

And I let them, without hesitance.


So, as you can see,

I'm very naive and not smart. 

Taken advantage of by many people,

To them, it looks like I want the dart.


I'd rather be harmed and suffer,

Then someone else paying the price.

If that means I die in the end,

I guess just think of it as a sacrifice. 


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