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Fucking pissed,

Losing my mind.

I'm definitely gonna cut,

It's happening tonight.


Gonna cut and bleed,

Just as I cry.

Tearline, bloodline,

Watch it all drip away.


Feel the pain,

Feel the burn.

This is real,

And it hurts.


I don't care,

Cut away.

The pain is bad,

Drives me to cut deeper.


No regret,

I'm fucking done.

Cut so deep,

I can't remember.


Is there a vein?

One or two.

Maybe three, I don't care,

If I cut, say I never knew.


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Brutally honest, im imagine very hard to say, hard to hear and know that pain. Thank you for sharing. I hope others hear, learn and understand.

I hope you are safe today? Sitting with you for support if you would like? 💜 B

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@BrightSide Thank you.  I've been okay, I suppose.  I did more damage to my skin than I thought I would. 

I appreciate you sitting with me, thank you. 

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