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The Artist And The T



Skye here. I know the rules. On to the blog.

After a (long, painful) conference among the adults in our System, we have resolved how we're handling the art T. What is this plan, you may ask? Simple. We are going to interact with the Artist and ignore the Therapist.

The art T is a stunning artist. She's done portraits of some of the Big Names here in Nash. Her work hangs on Music Row. Yeah, she's that good. Bitter and hurting as I may be, I can't deny that art T is crazy talented. In a lot of ways, her mentoring us as an artist has been as valuable as any therapy work she's done with us.

I'm no artist, but a lot of us in this System are. Most notably are Copper and Orange. It was a rush the first time we saw the Therapist displaced by the Artist. Seeing that shift, her eyes going big over a piece that Copper busted her ass over...yeah. Everybody felt good after that. And last week Copper showed some of the fashion sketches Orange did, riffing on a red carpet event. Once again, the Therapist was displaced by the Artist. Copper and Orange both basked in her praise, and that was our key. We can interact with the art T for a few more weeks, can work on getting that closure, so long as we only deal with the Artist.

*bitter* She refuses to acknowledge that us Insiders are anything but goddamn archetypes, so we will refuse to acknowledge the archetype of the Therapist and only interact with the Artist.

It won't be all that hard. Maybe it's easy for us to make that kind of distinction because we're splintered so many ways. It really doesn't matter. Copper's actress enough to bullshit anyone, including the art T. Barring some basic survival stuff (With one shatteringly horrible exception, nobody ever revealed themselves to the art T when Copper wasn't around for class. That's not deception, that's just self-preservation!) we have never deliberately deceived the art T. That does not mean that we cannot do it. Copper's got the acting chops to do it with ease.

I do too, but...no. Right now my emotions are too near the surface. Even if I kept the rest of my face in line, my eyes would give me away. There's a lot of things I want to say to that woman...and she's too good at reading faces for my comfort. I'll just stay away.

The other issue is the art show. I will not ruin this for Copper. She has worked too hard and too long for this.

So I will stay in the background. I'll watch the show from a spectator's standpoint. Copper will turn on the charm and I'll watch. It's gonna be a heck of a show.

Someone should nominate her for an Oscar: Best Actress Pretending That All Is Fine When Her Heart Is Shattering

All of us deserve to be nominated for that one.

That's it for now.

Peace out, y'all.



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Hi Skye,

I've been reading your blog and this is my first time commenting.

First I'd like to say that I enjoy the way you express yourself through your writing.

I can't imagine how hurt you must feel over being called an archetype. I think you and the other Insiders are way more than that. I know you don't know me but I feel I know you a little from your blog.

I've read a lot about DID but it's nothing compared to talking to someone who has it. From what I see, you and the others do so much for Copper to help her to be okay and deal with things.

I wish you peace during your struggles,


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Thank you, FallenStar.

We do all work together and take care of one another. Granted, we tend to squabble and fuss at each other...but we do care.

Thanks again for your comment, FallenStar. It's nice to know people are reading!


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I'm sorry that you have to force yourself through Art T for the next few weeks. It must be really hard to see her and know how she feels about you. Know that you have our support.

You caught my attention when you wrote about Orange's fashion sketches. I am a total fashionista and would love to see them. I only watch awards shows to see what the women are wearing :-) I'm not up enough on movies and tv to actually be aware of who acted in what.

I hope you all enjoy the show tomorrow. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun!



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That's the only reason we watch events like that, too, Sass. Pending her permission, we'll get some of her sketches up somewhere.

Permission granted...now to fight with technology to actually make it happen!


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