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  1. thanks--its nice to meet you guys-- --christina
  2. welcome back -- peace--christina
  3. welcome Jenna--- we are all here for you so i hope it can help you not feel so alone peace---christina
  4. i found this one recently-- cuz i'm a latin quote dork but--- Alis Volat Propiis---which means---she flies with her own wings -- christina
  5. welcome from me too christina
  6. i just wanted to say hi to everyone --- i hope you all really do find this to be a great place to be and i am glad that you all decided to join-- and since i am new again --i hope to get to know you guys as well as the many others that have joined since i have been away-- i hope you know that we all really do mean it when we say you are welcome here-- so if ever anyone needs to talk --i along with the many others will be here to talk or anything if ever you need--- peace christina
  7. hi------even though i have been away for a pretty long while too and just now getting back--- i wanted to say welcome back to you ---i am glad that you are here again too-- it certainly is a good place to come back to - christina
  8. welcome--i'm really glad you're here--we'll be here for ya whenever you need and are ready to talk or ask anything--so take your time and look around but know we are all here to support eachother so scream as loud as you want to christina pm me if you ever need to
  9. i'm glad that you are here and posting- i know it takes courage--as other have said i hope you feel comfortable to take your time and know that we are here whenever you're ready--pm me if you need to --christa
  10. welcome to you, i hope it will be a help, i'm here if you need--- christa
  11. wow--there are so may new people here since i last posted--but i hope you all feel welcome here and know that i'm here if you ever need christa
  12. hi , i haven't been posting so much in the welcomes lately but i just wanted to say that i am glad for every one of you newbies that you have decided to come here and i hope you will find peace , christa
  13. impetuous angel


    welcome--hopefully this will help you on the road back to yourself---i'm glad you came-- christa
  14. i'm glad you were couragous enough to come here--cuz i know that is huge--so welcome and i hope this will help find you peace-- christa
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