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    They say time heals everything... But I'm still waiting.
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    Iowa, USA
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    I like being with my boyfriend and my best friends, the typical thing a sixteen year old girl likes to do =] I like to write. I'm on my high school's newspaper staff as an editor. I love my dog. lol. Ummm Iunno anything else. <br /><br />Want to talk? AIM name is Lys36
  1. Glad I Found You

    Welcome hun =]
  2. I Am Back As Well

    YAY! Sorry, I have dial-up lol. Welcome back dear =]
  3. Hi =]

    Thank you alllll =]
  4. Hi =]

    Hiii. It's been a while. I missed everyone =[ I think I'm back for real this time too. It's so hard. But to those who remember me, and we talked and stuff, how are you?! How's life been treating you? To those whom I don't know, here's a little introduction: My name's Alyssa. I'm sixteen. I was like fifteen years and like 4 days old when I found and joined After Silence. This board prevented me from doing some very bad things. I left a while because... well because I couldn't handle it anymore. I miss being close to everyone on here. && I want that back. My stories already posted up here, somewhere, way back in the day I posted it. I hope someday to have the courage and strength as some on here to write ALL of it. I doubt I ever will. But hiiii =] lol. Alyssa
  5. I'm New ( Possible T)

    Hello and welcome!! Alyssa
  6. Not Really New

    Welcome back!!!!! Alyssa
  7. Just Starting To Heal

    Hello dearie, welcome. I'm sorry for whats happened to you, but I'm glad to hear your husband's so supportive :hug: Alyssa
  8. I'm New Here

    Hello darling, I hope you find this place as helpful as I have! Best of luck dearie, Lyssa
  9. Decited To Come Back

    Hiya hun. Lyssa
  10. Hi

    Thank you all Ya'all are great Lyssa
  11. Hi

    Hmmm... I figured out I've been gone for over 2 months.... wow. So many new people that I don't recognize..... Lyssa
  12. Hi

    Thanks Vera Alyssa
  13. Hi

    I'm not going to write whats happened since then and now, that'll go... I dunno. But It'll go somewhere. The Self Harm forum, perhaps, but anyway, I just wanted to say Hola to all the new ones since... gosh... I don't know when I left. Also wanted to say hi to all the older members. I've had a rough bought of life since I left, thats why I haven't been on. Should be on alot more now. <3 Lyssa
  14. Hey

    Christy Welcome to A.S. If you ever need to talk, PM or IM me I hope you like it here! Alyssa
  15. Hi Everyone!

    Hiya Claire! So sorry you have a need to be here, but glad you found A.S. PM or IM me anytime if you need to talk, I'm online alot but not so much on my IM name so it might be smarter to PM me Lots of love, Alyssa