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  1. Hi Hun. There are so many understanding people here, glad you found us. Hazel
  2. hazey


    Welcome to AS im sure you will find lots of support here. Best wishes to you. Hazel
  3. When finally I was able to confide in someone she asked if I had ever orgasm during the abuse......after my reply she said' Well it wasnt all bad then?' !!?
  4. hazey


    Hello. Welcome to As. Your definatley not alone.....im glad you found us. Feel free to message me if you need to talk. Hazey
  5. Welcome to AS, glad you found this supportive and understanding haven. Hazey
  6. hazey


    Youve come to right place for understanding support. Best wishes. Hazel
  7. Hello and welcome to this haven of support. Hazel
  8. Hi Kezzy. Welcome to AS. I also find it hard to accept my past, but have found comfort from coming here. I hope you do too. Hazel
  9. hazey

    New Here

    Hi Koko. Im new here too. I was also abused from a young age and although im generally strong and happy it feels nice to be able to come here and relax and be amongst friends who understand. Hazel
  10. HI, I registered a while back and have spent some time looking through some of the postings and replies, and I have got to say that everyone seems so understanding and non judgemental. Im 39, British and mum to three great kids. I was sexually abused from the age of about five till the bastard ( my grandfather) died when I was 13. I deal with it and im mostly a happy person but still have down days as im sure most of us do. Glad that I found you and cant wait to get to know you all. Hazel
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