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    Samara the Strong :D

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    OK, i'm a singer, so singing and playing the guitar and piano, song writing. Reading, writing.
  1. Hi guys So, i went away again, fior a few months this time. Truthfully i was hospital for most of it... will try to write about why but it's still a bit tender for me. I don't know whose still here i knew and whose new, but welcome to the new people, HI to everyone i knew before i disappeared, and i'm going to try and catch up... impossible task Sammy
  2. Hey there I'm back after quite a long break. Just wanted to say hi again, and sorry for not being online for so long. I missed this site sooo much.
  3. Hi Allie I'm sorry to hear that your having to deal with this, but i'm glad you found us Sammy
  4. This is a completely normal feeling if you've been through pain and distress hun. We are all definately here for you, take your time and post when you want. We're here for you, and you have joined one giant, online, family/community! Welcome to AS MissN Sammy
  5. Hi My name's Samara (i know, the ring) but most people call me sammy. I came on this site by mistake, and the first time I came here, I went to register, but bottled out. But I need help and support, I know that, so I tried again. Obviously I managed it this time . Hope i'll get to know people here. Sammy
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