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  1. you guys really know how to make a new member feel welcome and comfortable and i'm quite thankful for this...thank you all...
  2. thank you lindsay...i recieved your PM and i appreciate your willingness to talk...thank you again
  3. Thank you guys for the responses. I appreciate the time that you took to post something kind and thoughtful.
  4. i haven't taken the first step to healing by accepting what has happened to me 7 years ago until recently. i waited to tell until last january and no one speaks of it. this silence makes me feel like it is a shameful thing that i am to be blamed for. i am denying it happened by keeping quiet. i don't want to be quiet anymore. i want to scream to the world that it is a crime, a haneous crime, that happens and woman are not to be ashamed of telling their stories. i have joined this forum in hopes to find similar feelings of my own, and to perhaps help me to survive a little better each day...thanks for reading, and i hope to hear from you soon! Jana
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