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    I love to read, especially psychology and therapy books, of which the Bible is my main source. I love to travel, and visit interesting places, meet new people. I love to write. I used to write poetry, now I keep a journal to someday write a book. I do water aerobics everyday, deep water and shallow water, however I can't swim. I will begin lessons next month. I love to cook. I just like to put together foods and flavorings that I think will complement each other in a unique way. I like shopping at flea markets and auctions. I love stage plays rather than movies. I Love all kinds of music, except rap and hard rock. I spend a lot of time on the computer, but I need to explore it more. I am trying to understand how and where to post to these forums, and I feel that I am computer illiterate, although I have had a computer since 1984. I love to learn and try new things.
  1. Hi Erica Welcome to AS. It does take a little time to learn how to navigate this board, there are so many places to go on here. This is usually where the newbies come, and introduce themselves and get welcomed. Some stay on this welcome board almost exclusively. Just come and talk when you want to, or read. There are other places where you can write your story, talk about your feelings, vent, or talk to others in real time. Hope this board will be what you need. People are very supportive here, and extremely understanding. As you can see, you are not alone.
  2. Hi Rachel Welcome to AS. I did just the opposite, I can't seem to get past this welcome board. Hope you find what you are looking for, People are very understanding and great to talk to...
  3. Welcome to AS: We are glad that you are here, but sorry for why you have to be here. Take your time, but hang in there. Know that you are not alone, and we understand, and we are all here to help each other. Everyone is supportive and caring. I hope that this site will be a place that you can feel comfortable and supported during your healing process...
  4. Hi Kitty, It was rape. It is hard for us to give advice because we don't know where you are, and what the culture is like. But we do know that it was rape, because you did not want it to happen, and you said no. Just because you were having feelings for him does not mean that you wanted to have a sexual relationship. We have the right to want affection without wanting or being ready for sexual intercourse. Sometimes we get confused as to wether it is rape or not, because we like or love the person. and we have been seduced to a point where we can be taken advantage of. They have been nice until they got into your house, or you into their house, or into the car in a secluded spot. It was not your fault. You have a right to be hurt, angry, and confused. This is a good place to be. I'M glad you found this place. The people here are very supportive, and we understand. You are not alone.
  5. I have been to several support groups, but it is strange. The only thing that I remember is that you no that you are not alone. and everyone in the group may not be ready to talk. It seemed that no one had had my experience, or at least no one said they had. Sometimes the talking was a trigger for some people, and they stopped coming. The group gave me an opportunity to talk, which is what I needed to do. I think I talked out at least 3 support groups. I was always the last one there. It was a good experience for me, because I needed to talk. Talking helps you see things more clearly, and for me it triggered my memory...Hope this helps....Laray
  6. Welcome Hazel, Hope we can help with your healing. This is a good place to be.
  7. Welcome to AS, I have seen so many added to this list since I joined, and that just proves that none of us are alone. I think that healing is a lifelong process, but it gets better as we continue in it, and we get better. While I am sorry that we all had to endure what we did to bring us to this point, As I read about the people that are here, I know that we are super special for having survived, and are continuing to strive to overcome, and heal. Remember this: "We shall know the truth, and the truth will make us free." Laray
  8. Welcome to AS Hope we can be of help. This group is very supportive and understanding.
  9. Welcome to the board momoffive, I've been there. When my daughter told me, something within me screamed out "you need help" . My daughter was a teenager at the time, and I just took her and left the house. Until he was arrested. That was the beginning of my healing, but unfortunately my daughter would not stay in treatment. She subsequently forgave him, but I don't think she ever forgave me, My daughter passed away last month at the age of 42. It is such a devastating thing to go through, it is like murduring the spirit. It wrecks families and destroys lives. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I am sorry that so many people go through it silently. I hope that you will continue in your healing process, and I hope we can help in someway make it easier. This group is very understanding and supportive.
  10. Hi Christa Hope things are going well with you. Yes, the group is growing, and just think about how many have not gotten the courage to join, or those who do not know about us. We are truly not alone...
  11. Welcome Violin So sorry that you have had to endure so much. You are truly a survivor. You know you are alive when you begin to feel the pain, anger, and indignation. Hope we can help you through your healing. Hope you know that you are not alone, we all understand, and we are there for you.
  12. Welcome Amy, Hope we can help each other in our journey to healing.
  13. Welcome to AS Hope we can help you in your journey to healing. Do it at your own pace, but don't give up.
  14. Welcome back Alex I hope you are wrapping yourself in all of this love being sent your way. We missed you, but we understand. Glad you're back...
  15. Heavensent


    Welcome to AS Lilly Hope you find help and comfort here.
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