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  1. Hello

    Hey, I just wanted to introduce myself again, since I have been gone for soooooo long. My name is amy and I look forward to meeting all of the new people......
  2. Hello

    ((((((Lyndi)))))) I'm sorry that you are in turmoil sweetie. I hope that we can help you in some way. We are all here for you if yah need to talk. Amy
  3. Hey...

    Welcome to After Silence gurl. I'm glad you're here Amy
  4. Taking A Step Into The Light

    Hey sweetie, Welcome to AS! I am sooo glad that you found this site and I hope that we can all help you in your journey. Amy
  5. New

    Hey Lori, welcome to AS gurl!
  6. New Here

    Hey, Welcome to AS! I am so glad that you have found this site!!!! I hope that you find the support and encouragement that you need. We are all here for you sweetie! Amy
  7. Thanks Everyone

    Welcome to AS!!
  8. Registered A Wile Back But Is Really Still New

    Hey Sweetie, Welcome to AS. Dont worry about being able to explain your reason for being here. It takes time and we are all here to support each other even if we dont know all the details of each others story. I too am 18 and have just started to deal with what happened to me. I still havent even put all the pieces together yet. I hope that we can can encourage and support you through this journey that you are on. Feel free to PM me anytime! I'm glad that you have found this site. Amy
  9. New Here

    hey cat, welcome to AS hun!!! Amy
  10. New And Free From Fathers Prision

    welcome to AS gurl!
  11. New Girl Around

    hey cira, welcome to AS hun! I hope you find the support you need here.
  12. A Note To Say Hello

    welcome sweetie!
  13. New Girl In Town

    Welcome to AS smilingtears! I am glad you found this site. Amy
  14. Just Saying Hi

    Hey Rachael, Welcome to AS sweetie!!! I'm glad you are here! Amy
  15. Hi

    hey daniella, welcome to AS!! amy