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    Healing,playing sims 2,scrapbooking.computers,groups on line,helping others.

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  1. New Girl Around

    Welcome to the site. I just added u to my live journal. My name on there is lostbrowneyes...
  2. A Note To Say Hello

  3. Hello Everyone

    pleasure to meet u
  4. New Here

    thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  5. Newbie

    Welcome kim!! I was abused by my brother for 2yrs. My name is Laura and I have a supportive husband and little 2yr old boy. Its a very safe place here.
  6. Hi

    Welcome to the board..
  7. Found Support Group In Wisconsin

    Thanks, That did help..I am looking forward in going but a little scared..
  8. New And Unsure

    first off welcome. You have every right to ramble. My name is Laura and I was abused by my brother..If you need to talk email me or pm me..
  9. Found Support Group In Wisconsin

    Its starts june 15th thru aug 31st. Any advice from anyone who went or have gone to support groups? I am kinda scared so my fellow survivors advice needed..
  10. New Here

    My name is Laura and I am a incest survivor. I have a daredevil 2yr old and a husband. My brother abused me from age 8-10. I held it in for 17yrs...I have been diagnosed with PTSD,Mood depressive disorder,Intermit explosive disorder. I am in therapy for god knows how long. On meds of course. I write in my journal,use the :punch: bag downstairs to let it out. My parents have no contact with my brother or my sister(she believed him)...I am going through marriage councling since its affecting our marriage...How long does the healing have to go on?