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  1. Thanks everyone. I missed you. I'm glad to be back. I spent last night pouring over mine, and others posts from years back. I came a long way with you guys. Never realized how much before. "D"
  2. Hello there ladies, and gents! For the newbies, my name is "D", and I look forward to connecting with all of you. To my old friends, number one, I missed you and I'm sorry to have let you down by running. You all deserve better, please forgive me. With that said, I'm so glad to be here. Love, Stacey
  3. Welcome love,we need you here!Feel free to personal message me anytime. It can be scary being the new kid. Blessings,"D"
  4. Well its about damn time! I almost gave up hope! Missed ya sister! Blessings,"D"
  5. The same way you did I'd imagine, I was at the end of my rope one night crying like a water faucet, lovely little snot box that I am and googled child sexual abuse and this amazing site was the first one I clicked. Never got any further, I fell in love with AS in a matter of days I think. LOL Blessings, "D"
  6. Are you kiddin, your talking to the Queen of the "trustthemnots"!! I get ya sister, loud and clear, we will be here when you are ready! Blessings,"D"
  7. Welcome here! We find strength in our numbers and I completely get you, I too work in abuse but I'll always be a survivor first. PM me anytime,K? Blessings,"D"
  8. Well, welcome , we need you here Cathy. Not sure that it's necessary to trust first here. Just read and poke through all the little corners of the site and you'll start to feel inside yourself who is and isn't right to bare your secrets too. It takes time, but being here is a helluva start. Blessings sister, "D"
  9. Welcome Love, we need you here! We find our strength in numbers. Blessings,"D"
  10. I'm so glad to have each of you here, you wonderful people! Blessings,"D"
  11. Well once again the procrastination bug has bit me! LOL I just realized we have many new members who I've neglected to welcome and thank for being here. To me every new member makes us stronger so thank you for joining us, we need you here. Please feel free to personal message me anytime. Blessings,"D"
  12. Hey little sister, I'm glad to see you back! Blessings, "D"
  13. Welcome to AS, we need you here! PM me anytime! Blessings,"D"
  14. Boy do I remember that feeling vividly, your so not alone in this. Blessings my friend, "D"
  15. But, we still could use this as support for RAINN or CSA charities! Thanks Teazle, I'm adding it! Blessings,"D"
  16. Goofball, I meant knock her out as in "knock her socks off!" I feel for you guys though, I hate paperwork even now, and looking at the amount you guys do for school sends me into fits just watching! LOL You'll do great though!
  17. You got mine but I think I forgot to tell ya, USA, white, and knock your phych teacher out! Blessings, "D"
  18. Hi Becky, you have the best name in the whole world, my baby sisters name! Welcome to AS, we need you here! Blessings,"D" PM me anytime!
  19. Even I get down and scared at times, I just have a hard time accepting that I need help. Mostly my confidence wavers over being a good mom, damnit! What the hell do I do? Maybe because my teen years were so fucked up whenever he even acts depressed or lacks self esteem , I start to freak! I just don't want to "break him"! But he's 14 and from minute to minute I'm F*cking lost! I don't know which way to go , I'm petrified I'm gonna ruin his life, or he'll commit suicide cause I'm a horrible mom , or...BAH!! I don't know, I'm just F*cking scared man! "D"
  20. Welcome love! Anyone who says blessings is alright in my book. Blessings, PM me anytime! "D"
  21. Glad your back little bro, we're pretty good company if I do say so myself! LOL Blessings,"D"
  22. Welcome love, I'm "D", and I love new friends! PM me anytime! Blessings, "D"
  23. Welcome to AS , we need you here. Blessings, PM me anytime,"D"
  24. Welcome love, you are needed here! Blessings, "D" PM me anytime!
  25. PM me anytime,K little bro? Blessings,"D"
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