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  1. Wow, I'm excited to have you here. I'm also an independant spirit driven by theatre, music, nature, and slam poetry-- nice to meet someone her on AS with similar interests! I could have written that post... Welcome to AS, I hope you find this message board to be as helpful as it has been for me. [ " 'Hope' is the thing with feathers--/ That perches in the soul--/ And sings the tune without the words--/ And never stops--at all--" ] -Emily Dickinson Take gentle care. PM me anytime. -Elle
  2. Hey Kevin. Welcome back! Gotta take care of yourself first my friend :D Post again as your ready. (((Kevin))) -Elle
  3. Welcome to AS. Glad to have you with us! Take gentle care. -Elle
  4. Welcome, I hope AS helps you find some peace :D PM me anytime. Glad to have you with us. -Elle
  5. Elle-o! So glad you've found AS, I've found this message board to be an excellent place to heal and I hope you'll find the same! It's okay to be scared. Fear isn't anything to be afraid of-- without fear there could never be courage! Take gentle care. Post as you're ready. -Elle
  6. Welcome! It takes courage to break the silence-- and determination to heal I'm glad you're here on After Silence. See you around the boards! Post as your ready. Gentle hugs and support. -Elle
  7. Welcome. We're glad you've found AS and remember to post as your ready! Take gentle care and lots of hugs! PM me anytime you want to chat ;) -Elle
  8. Welcome back :D I just came back too, so we're all in this together! Glad to have you again.
  9. Welcome :D Glad you did some preliminary research of AS, I did the same thing and I think you can reap the benifits of this community even more having done so! Hope to see you around the boards and in chat. Take gentle care and post as you feel ready. -Elle
  10. Welcome, we're glad to have you here at AS. I think you'll find we're a very friendly group of survivors! It's never too late to come out about abuse. Thank you for your strength! I hope you'll visit chat and our message boards as you heal. Don't feel pressured to post your story, do what is best for you and your healing process. Glad to have you! Feel free to PM me anytime you need to chat :D -Elle
  11. Your english seems pretty perfect to me! I'm sorry this has happened but glad that you've found AS. Welcome. Hope to see you around the boards and in chat! -Elle
  12. Greetings scin and welcome to AS, I think you'll find an excellent community of supportive people here. I went away and came back because this site was so helpful! I'm sorry "Creepy" did this to you. It must present a real challenge to have the stress of your senior year in college and also balance the emotional turmoil of what has happened. You articulate yourself very well though and it sounds like you are a very strong and couragous person. Congratulations on being a survivor. Lots of gentle hugs and support. Take care, and I hope to see you around the boards as you're ready. -Elle
  13. Kramer! I want to cry I'm so happy to hear/see/read your computer generated existance under my post
  14. BTW-- very glad to finally meet someone else with DID. You are the first!
  15. Thanks. I've missed you both. How are you doing Night? Last time I talked to you, you were having a rough time with things.
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