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  1. Hey, so yea... sorry everyone but I'm just getting too tired and this has been way too stressful and I just need to stop... I'm seriously sorry about that... and if it's cool, could like an admin ust delete the account so that I don't get tempted to come back? Thanks... and again, sorry guys, hope you all heal accordingly...
  2. You are... believe me you found the perfect place to be and I honestly hope that you come to understand this. You're in familiar territory. Everyone here has in one way or another been affected by what happened to you and everyone here will respect you. Trust me, we all want to help you ^.^ Me myself included.
  3. Hey, Welcome to After Silence and I hope you heal accordingly ^.^ Don't be afraid to PM me or talk to me if you ever need some help... thanks...
  4. It's okay and understand that everybody here, in one way or another, knows how you feel. I would like to welcome you to After Silence and say that if you ever need to talk to someone, I'm just a PM away and I'll be more than happy to talk to you...
  5. punksoab


    Hello and welcome to AS ^.^ I hope you enjoy yourself and if you ever want to PM me feel free!
  6. Well I like your determination ^.^ It makes you strong! And I play soccer too so if you ever see a white, 5'9 Brazilian boy with glasses... beware... I will steal that soccer ball from right under your feet and I will drive that ball through the net so fast Ronaldinho's gonna have whiplash... But welcome to AS and I hope you enjoy ^.^ PM me anytime you want to talk to someone... and I will destroy you in Soccer any day you really want to lose so just ring
  7. You can heal if you try hard enough ^.^ And people here can help you as well so be prepared to get better! Oh and Welcome to AS, I'm Gian and if you ever want to talk to someone, just PM me!
  8. Well then congratulations you are taking a big step Consider this your moon landing! Also I want to tell you Welcome to AS and if you need someone to talk to, I'm always open...
  9. Hello and welcome to After Silence! This is a very nice place, as cited from fataldream, but we all will respect you and we'll never hold what you say against you ^.^ I don't have any bad relations with mom but if you want to vent, get advice or just talk to someone, I'll have an open ear for you ^.^
  10. Hello and welcome to AS
  11. Hello and welcome to AS! If you ever need someone to talk to, please feel free to PM...
  12. Everyone on this site is brave and in due time, you'll feel just as good as most and many of these guys/girls/peoples/persons ^.^ "The only time you're alone is when you think you're alone"- Some famous guy I forget
  13. Well don't worry about it Ryuu... honestly, you're among friends and people here understand you... with time, you'll heal ^.^ Welcome to After Silence...
  14. Well don't worry about it... you're among friends... PM me if you ever want to talk or just vent... Welcome to AS and enjoy your time here ^.^ You'll get through this with help...
  15. punksoab


    Everybody has their problems ^.^ We just need to learn to get through them and when we do we're better people! If you ever want help or advice, know that I'm the advice giver, match maker, assistant and... resident comic >.>... so if you ever need anything... just PM ^.^ Peace!
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