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  1. Welcome back.:-) it's been a long time since I've been back too.. I've just came back a few days ago. Take care Hun. And I hope everything is well. The support here is still very understanding and helpful. AS is wonderful. <3
  2. I hope all of you are doing well and taking care of you. You all are beautiful!
  3. It's no problem at all.:-) I posted just small bit of what I learned in the help tips and inspiration board.:-) it took me a while to start writing it.. I felt like there is so much to cover. But it's a start. Lol. I still will say I have a lot to learn, but I think apart of it is helping others along the way too. And I realize how.. Though the bad times.. The people who showed me the same thing I want to do now.. Opened my eyes to things I had no idea could be possible.and thank y'all. Again
  4. Thanks everyone. It means a lot.<3
  5. Hey there everyone, It's been a loooonngg time since I've been on here. It's been actrually.. Almost 7 years ago for my last post. A lot has happened since then.. I'm 24 now.. I've had a sweet 3 year old baby girl.. Married my highschool sweetheart. In other words we went to rival highschools. Lol. And... I feel like I'm back to the same place I started.. So I'm back here trying to move past that door that's been closed for so long.. It keeps swinging back open. I'm here to support and be here for our survivors as much as I can and teach what I've learned for the years I've grown up. What help
  6. I am also 18 and a victim of child insest. there are people out there that understand what you are going through. and in august i was scared for my life..thats when i came out and told my mother..i had ptsd and depression. i had written a report and they didnt get him into a jail until two months later so he was on the run the whole time. so im here if you need to talk. when a person has been through this we need to take care of ourselves. and stay positive...keep the thought in your mind that....what happened to you had nothing to do with you! and its not your fault! it was the person that di
  7. you seem like a very strong person and i am proud of you for just getting the courage to come and post on A S. i have found this site to level me off instead of being all over the place emotionally. the support of other members on here is wonderful they want to help and as of that i have found the courage to try and help other members myself..soo if u ever feel like you need to talk i want to invite you to pm me. take care!!<3
  8. Im going through the legal process too and its a horrible thing. some people like the defendents lawyers, the judges, and the people that are defending him as his friends do make you feel like they dont believe you. i just went through that in a bond hering, in my state child mo*** has the highest charges of $100,000 dollars. and thats is what he got.... but you know it happened to you and if other people dont believe you then screw them, they wernt there, they didnt know how it felt. Best wishes to you, take care of yourself, and know that there is people that want to help you, even if you ha
  9. well.just to let you know i posted my story on the share your story bulitin. i feel a little better about it
  10. thank you for the many inspiring words, its nice to hear those things every now and then
  11. thank you. so how did you find this site?
  12. i just have a problem trusting people, i know its all confidential and only on the cite but its still very personal. yaknow?
  13. Hi, my name is cathy and this is really hard and ive never talked to anyone that has been in the same situation as me soo i dont really know how to start, i kinda want to talk but i want someone i can trust to talk to.
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